Blog 2 - January 27,2016

January 27, 2016

I was going to publish an entirely different blog today. I have been working on it for a few days now. However, that idea changed instantly due to an email I received early this morning when I arose. One of the things I love about managing our Wealthy Adventurer’s Club is that I get to be in touch with amazing and interesting people. So many of you have important stories to share with us.

The following story is a most incredible example of a shared, personal story!

I have been privately corresponding with one of our members over the last month or so. It all started with a brief mention of her grandfather, Wilhelm, who had come to Ecuador for gold, more than 100 years ago. My interest was piqued immediately. I wanted to know more. I asked her to send me more details. She did.

I am publishing this story without her permission as there was not enough time to receive it this morning. I feel very moved to share her story with you as soon as possible. So, I am XXX'ing out names and any information that will help to protect her anonymity. Hopefully, she will positively answer the email request I sent her this morning, asking for her permission to share her story. Fingers crossed and nails bitten...

Here is her response to my initial email requesting more details about her grandfather:


Hello, I hope all is well with you. The following is in regard to your request

Timeframe - 1890's: Johann Arnold XXXXX and Gesine Martens XXXXX - teacher (Sharmbeck--Wulsbuttel, Germany).

Grandson: Johann Arnold XXXXX. Residence: Bremerhaven - Lehe. Home port--1895? He supposedly found his mother in terrible circumstances. She had drowned in a cistern. His father, Wilhelm, was on the high seas; therefore, his grandparents (Johann and Gesine) brought him to live with them in Wulsbuttel.

In 1902 – 1904, word came via carrier pigeon: Wilhelm had died of a fever and was buried at sea; supposedly in the Amazon River.

In 1903 – 1904, an adoption was arranged with their son, Johann Arnold Christian XXXXX (born February 4, 1868) who had recently become a U.S. citizen on January 15, 1903.

My father, Johann Arnold XXXXX arrived in New York in 1904. He lived with his uncle Christian up until about his 16th year. 

Shortly after his arrival in New York, the first mate of his father's ship (a clipper?) came to see him. My father was told that his father did not die of a fever, but was murdered aboard ship. He knew because he was there. He told him that he would try to get back with him later (because he had a message from his father, Wilhelm); however, he never returned.

My father never knew what had happened to the ship or the au/cu sponge that should have been shipped to the refinery in Hamburg, Germany.

My grandfather Wilhelm (possibly born about 1866) was a close friend of the Shaman who guided his group with the au/cu sponge down from the gold mine in the Andes. They would then pick up the necessary household items etc. that he had brought for them, (probably from Liverpool, England).

Then he would return with the au/cu sponge to the refinery in Hamburg, Germany. He may have entered the Napo River System from the Atlantic sea port of Belem and sailed up to the area where the Napo River leaves the Andean foothills (near the towns of either Tena or Coca, Ecuador). I hope this message gets through as I have had a problem with it.


So far in my correspondence with XXXXX, I found this adventurous story to be fascinating. I am continuing to do research in my spare time to discover more details. I would love to know the exact location of the mining operation that was somewhere upstream from Tena or Coca. There is a strong possibility that I have walked over or near this same location.

As if this story wasn’t already interesting enough, there is now even more! My new friend XXXXX continues with the following comment in her email to me:


In your update "My View This Morning" photo, I noticed what appears to be contact zones to the right. Am I looking at tertiary volcanics? On my mining claims (XXXXXXXX Lode Claim Group), I have a lot of relic hydro-thermal vents (the XXXXXXXX is the type of deposit for the XXXX Mine Volcanics - 65 million yrs. old). Since the lode has a lot of Pt Group as well as Au, Cu, Ag, rare earths, etc., the ore is therefore, quite complex (an oxide deposit) in regard to processing.

My mentor and instructor in nuclear physics (Dr. Daniel S. Berish - deceased), suggested that I use his formula which he perfected while still working in the U.S. Navy lab; however, the formula is very similar to my father's formula which I had already been using.  Berish's formula (SSN) is more "user friendly" in as much as I can drop all of the Pt and Au within 48 - 72 hours and then electroplate. Hopefully, a prosperous new year for all - til next time. XXXXX.



When I read this last part of XXXXX’s email, my head nearly exploded! Who is this person? How does she know all of this? What kind of life has she led to have so much experience and knowledge in processing complex ores, geology and hardrock mining?

I started doing some research on XXXXX and discovered that she is a very prominent person in certain mining circles. She really knows her stuff. She is also an accomplished poet. Her writing shows tremendous depth and talent.

After processing all of this information, I wrote back to her, asking her to share more of her life’s story with me. She kindly and generously responded with the following, just last night:



Hello Stan, The following is as close to a biography for you (to many life-long memories; some remembered and some forgotten) that I can think of. 

My first memory: l was sitting, on a cot near the entrance of the No. 2 mine tunnel of the XXXXX Mine. Mother had bought me a pair of red sandals that I was admiring as I sat there moving my feet back and forth in the shade of the west mountain peak. 

My family hi-graded the sugar quartz veins of the XXXXX lode. It was there, on the lower mine dump that I ran my first sluice at the age of three. I still have the original paperwork from the mint. It is dated 1937                      

In the winter of 1940, my father built the retort on M – Hill. By 1942, he quit the T - Decline at about 150 feet (approximately 30 feet from the main strike on the XXXXX claims). 

By then, World War ll was in earnest. My two half-brothers and one brother-in-law were overseas. 

The mine was in "low profile" (strategic mineral status). Father concentrated mainly on research, while my responsibility was lab maintenance such as rotating test tubes, mixing constituent fluids as well as accompanying him on various geologic field trips. 

At that time, Father was perfecting his hardening process (neutron hardening - collisional shell boundaries). This, in turn, puts pressure on the protonic value. The atom of concern is then approaching the value of case hardening. What Father did was introduce migration by pressure. He did this by squeezing the neutron on all sides. 

A neutron can be squeezed, but not the proton, because it is the nuclei for the electronic shell. The neutron does not have a polarity that we know of at this time. 

He made two specimens out of Al. One was semi-hard and the other super-hard. The super-hard piece was very thin, yet a bullet did not penetrate it.                                                  

In 1948, we moved into XXXXX, XXXXX from the mine in XXXXX, XXXXX. I needed to get ready for high school and Father took a position as mine manager on a large copper deposit in XXXXX XXXXX. 

The year before, I had been taken out of school because I had tuberculosis. I had overcome it (therefore not being contagious). So, I started high school in the fall of 1948; however, tuberculosis left me weak and with very little immunity. There were times when I could attend classes and times when I could not.

I married in 1952; however, it did not last long. He went his way and I went mine (no pun).

I dropped out of graduate school (due to an intercollegiate power struggle that I wanted no part of), and moved back out to the mine.

Father had died in 1968, so I had my mother to take care of as well as concentrating on getting the mine back in operation. 

XXXXX XXXXX (the owner of a XXXXX semi-truck maintenance shop) and I formed a partnership in 1987, XXXXX XXXXX Mining & Minerals LLC. Together, we built the project up to a point where we could get back into full operation. 

Unfortunately, shortly after, he had a heart attack (five by-pass surgeries). Ten years later, he died of diabetic complications. 

I tried to work the claims alone after his death, but facing new socialistic-environmental regulations, the cost was astronomical.

In 2008, I formed the current partnership (a joint-venture; XXXX / XXXX) which can hopefully solve the so-called socialistic-environmental demands required by the U.S. government EPA guidelines. 

In the meantime, I am also a writer. My original publisher, The International Library of Poetry sold out to another publisher (Lulu).

(This paragraph is omitted due to personal and potentially revealing information)

Hopefully, all is well with you; incidentally, I enjoy your site, XXXXX


What a story! For me, this story had to be shared with you today. I just couldn’t wait. I feel awe inspired and motivated. Time is our greatest commodity and persistence is one of our greatest assets. I hope you have a great week as you persistently move in the direction of your most adventurous goals...

Thank you XXXXX!

 p.s. The old volcanic contact zones you mentioned are actually there!