Black Sands, Quartz, Gold?

by Rob

I have visited Peru and found in abundance, black sands and quartz. Is it worth taking a dredge set up to see if there may be gold along the beaches there? The tides are constantly changing the beach landscape so I am wondering how much gold may be deposited and then washed out and then redeposited?

Stan's response: Hola Rob. I would not start right off with a dredge. I always like to start out with a pan. I am still waiting for someone to invent something better than a pan for a quick look.

Black sand is not necessarily an indicator of gold. In fact, I have seen black sand 10,000 times more often than I have seen gold. Finding commercial grades of gold on an ocean beach is quite rare too. I have only seen it in 2 places.

Do you know if there are any gold-bearing rivers that feed into the ocean near where you were looking? If you care to tell me more about your location, I might be able to help you a little more.

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