Beware the LRL, MFD and Eye in the Sky

by Dani

The market seems to be flooded with Long Range Locators of one sort or another. This along with so called map dowsing and the fellows out west and down under that claim to be able to locate treasure via aerial photos.

Years of testing and proving have proved that none of these so called devices or systems work. I've had map dowsers tell me the GPS coordinates of a box of Spanish gold coins buried at 33 inches or another long range operator try to lead me to a cache of gold bars with specific details as to the total weight, type of container it was buried in and the depth. Interesting that never was anything recovered.

I have even asked them to run tests on caches that I knew about, investment caches of gold that I had put down for safe keeping and of a sudden they are now no longer able to determine amount, weight, depth or even exact location, a margin of error several hundred feet in diameter so they say yet all the while I knew there was never any gold in the area.

My final test was to actually place several pounds of scrap gold in a specific area and let it set over a period of years, sometimes I received word that nothing was there or received a pinpoint of the exact location which never coincided with the actual burial place of the cache and most times from several different "seers" received several different locations none of which were the spot. They all speak of "finding" one thing or another though none ever claim a recovery. They can all tell you where it is, what it is and how deep it is yet, they never go themselves to check it out.

Conclusion, nothing circumvents hard work, sound research and time in the field with a unit that blasts a signal into the ground and when reflected back reads out whether digital, analog or merely a sound. The metal detector works, it knows when a metal object is within range, the other stuff is merely snake oil, witchcraft or wishful thinking.

Stan's response: Unfortunately, in over 40 years of trying and hoping, my experiences have been the exact same disappointment that you describe Dani. I've always tried to keep an open mind in dozens of attempts, but not once did LRL's or dowsing (including maps and photos) ever work out.

Thanks Dani.

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Apr 15, 2016
by: Jeffrey Elliott

Yeah you're right, but either one will more than likely agree that it's very possible that a would be treasure could possibly be at a greater depth than the norm of 5 ft. or less. And that's due to erosion of sorts, especially when you factor in man's fill dirt added thru the years and perhaps a flood zone which both figure into my particular treasure hunt.

And yes a pirates chest being 300 to 400 yrs. old is very valuable to say the least granted not as much as the actual treasure itself.

I have been successful when dowsing for placer gold and or gold veins. I do have some gold to prove it but not that much of course. So I'm giving my skills a chance to locate and recover buried caches to see how accurate I am going to be at that level of treasure hunting.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained but always positive is my mindset !!!

Apr 15, 2016
Geologist vs Archaeologist
by: Dani

I believe you've got your disciplines crossed, a geologist really wouldn't be the one to consult unless you were looking for natural occurring minerals for mining. I would check with an archaeologist when it comes to man-made items being laid down into the earth.

I also believe if the KGC was setting out treasure, it was for the purpose of again recovering it in order to finance the ole "south is going to rise again" movement sometime in their foreseeable future and at 10 - 20 feet in the ground it wouldn't do much good!

On a side note, you wouldn't believe the folks I've gone out with that think treasures are buried in the classic round top, brass fitting pirate type chest and want to be careful not to hurt the chest because it will be worth a lot of money!

Millions of dollars of gold and gems and they're worried about destroying the box it comes in. Have you ever run across that mindset?

At any rate this is an interesting conversation, I'm getting a differing perspective and that alone is worth it. All the best!

Apr 15, 2016
by: Jeffrey Elliott

To Dani: Yes it would be hard to understand or even believe that a treasure of any sort would be at a depth of 10 ft or more but talk to a geologist and you ll find that they would agree that its possible.

And yes if a dowser charges a fee of any kind then yes he should have to prove himself as to why a particular treasure is or isn't there.

Have you heard of the vast amounts of wealth silver and gold that the KGC has presumably buried deep in the foothills of Arkansas. Regardless of what tools of the trade in treasure hunting one might use.

A treasure hunter has to look at it that its going to be there or not after all its a would be treasure that you're looking for. That's the mindset I have when field searching for anything of wealth. Its either there or it isn't !!!

Apr 14, 2016
The Dowser Does Have to Prove Themself!
by: Dani

QUOTE**"When a dowser locates and recovers any form of wealth he doesn't have to prove to anyone that is skeptical of that success but himself !!!"

Yes, the dowser does have to prove to everyone involved if that dowser is charging people for his services or launching a project or even joining a project in which those involved are depending upon these alleged skills to locate and recover treasure.

I can also say that I find it difficult to believe any treasure has either sunk to or was buried to a depth of 20' or more. That makes no sense at all unless it was something put away never to be recovered ever.

I think anyone would be hard pressed to find where a treasure was buried deeper than 4-5 feet deep.

Of course there is the odd Mongol king buried with all his wealth, horses and concubines in a diverted river bed but how many of those are we talking about here in the United States!

I've got a good lead on a river pirate camp location, for sure there are some small caches close to the surface...paging all LRL/MFD operators, map dowsers and eye in the sky are welcome to give it a shot either remote or on site for a 50% cut!

Apr 05, 2016
by: Jeffrey Elliott

When a dowser locates and recovers any form of wealth he doesn't have to prove to anyone that is skeptical of that success but himself !!! And what I mean by any form of wealth includes gold silver oil natural gas water and people !!! And the list is endless !!! A diehard true believer in the art of dowsing should refrain from all skeptic minded people that tries to shun or make a mockery of the sorts towards that individual dowser !! I myself when dowsing stay clear of any negative or skeptical minded individuals around me in order to allow myself to totally have my head in the art of dowsing !!! Therefor allowing myself to dowse with the greatest degree of accuracy that I can !!! And again I'm not showing any disrespect at all to those who are skeptical or not open minded towards the art of dowsing !!!

Apr 04, 2016
Never heard from again!
by: Dani

"He recovered 2 chests and was never heard from again."...not trying to be the contrarian here but as I've said before, I have a lot of time, effort and resources invested in dowsers and dowsing with nothing to show for it and your statement that, "He recovered 2 chests and was never heard from again", just begs the question, how do you know this?

Did he at least cut you in on a share to show his appreciation? Why would he never be heard from again? Do you think he may have fell prey to these guardian spirits or some other more natural form of foul play?

You now have me thinking after mentioning elves and guardian spirits and I am wondering about the dangers involved with dealing in the metaphysical realm especially seeking material gain. Again, I am trying to learn and seeking knowledge here not knocking what you do. Thanks.

Apr 02, 2016
William is correct, in my experience.
by: Steven in Indiana


Would you be so kind to contact me soon? I'd really appreciate that.

I know that you know what the heck you are talking about from reading your post. One example that I will cite here is my personal experience.

I got into dowsing kinda backward than most people! I was going through some metaphysical training years ago. After about 2 years of on/off correspondence course (1987), my teacher in NV write to me telling me that I needed to learn to dowse, so that I could get my own answers form my High Self. Thus, my journey began.....

My metaphysical training has never stopped since then, nor has my dowsing over all these years.

EXAMPLE: About 1988-9, I had a friend in North Carolina that had used good old fashioned research there and had concluded that he was convinced he knew the location of what he surmised was at least 1-2 chests of silver coins that was brought on land and buried after their Spanish galleon has sunk. He described the most bizarre things happening once he got into the area of land very near the coast, and asked me if I knew what was going on and/or if I could help.

One description if each story about what happened when he went there was that he was attacked by "something" every time he got about 50 feet from the access road to enter the parcel. It took several letters to get to admit this one thing. He had previous just described the mechanical failures, Sudden lightning storm during a gentle rain, feeling vertigo, etc.... Yet, it seems he never wanted to tell me about getting "attacked" for whatever reason. Via dowsing and some remote-viewing (I might ad that with age my rv abilities have reduce over 90%), I had determined that crossing that property line was the vital piece of this puzzle he asked me to solve. So, he finally had told me about those "attacks". He described them as feeling just like somebody had just jumped on his back with a myriad of other different type "symptoms" which followed every new attempt.

Bottom line is that I did some remote healing of the whole area, I addressed the elves and guardian spirits of the areas treasures, and did my magic from my "end". I gave some simple instructions which consisted of what to say to them specifically, and MEAN IT from the heart. Then, told him what to leave them as a present in exchange for allowing him safe passage there. He recovered 2 chests and was never heard from again.

I hope Stan is gracious enough to allow this, because I have no idea how to contact you.

I sincerely thank you WILLIAM for posting your reply and your story!!

WILLIAM would you kindly contact me at my primary email asap:

Best regards.

Stan's response: Thank you for your post Steven. We always welcome all points of view and personal experiences here.

Apr 02, 2016
RE: Undiscovered Science
by: Dani

Everyone is hitting all around the issue and the issue is that dozens of folks in my past have advertised abilities whether through map dowsing, LRL/MFD, dowsing on site or auras on digital photographs.

I have had to furnish transportation, lodging and food for several that came out to ply their skills in hammering down Spanish treasure on the San Saba or KGC stashes in my area for an even split of the take. One would think that a dowser, LRL operator or another claiming a string of successes would at least have the money to get to another location. None of these guys ever found anything, oh, all of them claimed to be successful, one has been retired and living the good life since 1994 but on further examination unemployed and living off of your spouse while peddling your treasure hunting skills is not retirement.

Explain how it is that more than one of these guys has stated the exact location, depth, total amount and even the make and denomination of the coins or bars and even how many bars were buried at said depth yet, when on site all that ever happened was one excuse after the other with my favorite being a haunted or guarded treasure and the spirits not wanting us to have it.

After wising up, better late than never and having buried a substantial amount of gold in a remote location, investment bullion and scrap on my hunting property, not one could locate the gold even after having been buried for 12 years on the other hand, a random map or satellite photo would be sent and each one would mark a different spot on the map with some naming the depth, content...etc. Of course it was just some random location I pulled up and mentioned it had came up in my research.

I can honestly say that none of the dowsers or LRL/MFD operators ever had anything specific that they had located. All indicated they were doing well through use of their skills but none seemed to be doing anything other than just getting by.

That is the experience I've had over the years and yet despite all that I have made 3 good recoveries with a metal detector, 2 silver caches, one a small cache of Spanish coins from the early 1700's, a mix of round and cut coins of Philip the fifth. The biggest was a 4 Reale coin and the smallest a 1/2 Reale. There were 87 coins total. The gold cache was a mixed batch of 30 ea. 5 dollar gold pieces, Liberties and Indians earliest was 1898 up through 1914 all buried in an old tobacco tin under a stone chimney along the San Saba. The other silver stash was US coins I found for a landowner that knew they were there buried on his property by his grandfather and never recovered. He contracted me for 20% to find them with my "coin finder" he called it. This was after several attempts by dowsers to find it.

That being said, I have several more locations I need to go over and would welcome an LRL/MFD operator or dowser on site but no money up front, provide your own transportation, food and lodging and I'll even concede the lions share of 60% to that person.

Stan's response: Thank you Dani. This was my point in a previous post I made here. I have never personally met a wealthy dowser before. This fact has disturbed me for decades.

I actually do believe some of them must be out there somewhere, I have just never met one.

On the other hand, I have read of tremendous evidence with success in "remote viewing" which I believe falls into the same or similar category.

I'll never stop thinking to myself, "Holy Moses, if I could only have access to, or become a successful dowser myself! With what I know of history and great target areas all around me, I could easily be a billionaire before the end of the year!"

I live right on the old Inca Trail between Cuzco and Quito. I find ancient pottery pieces everywhere I walk. I also live about 50 kilometers from one of the lost cities (mining camps) of the real El Dorado (circa 1580).

Won't a real dowser please come visit me? But please pay your own expenses!

Apr 02, 2016
by: Jeffrey Elliott

To Dani, The target of search would be 20 dollar double eagles buried in cast iron pots. So yes if it is what I'm looking for I'll definitely have to handle the spot on dig with kid gloves so as to not bust the pots for I do believe they'll be totally intact.

I spoke to a geologist that firmly believes that scenario as well for the clay and iron ore material acts as a mold for the pots that surrounds them. This stuff is so exciting to talk about and yes it is me doing the dowsing for I believe in doing my own fieldwork! I don't map dowse but I leave that forte to those that do.

I'm more of a get out in the field and make a discovery kinda guy. I'm broadening my horizons so to speak. Instead of dowsing for loose silver and placer gold successfully, I decided to go after buried caches now. If successful, the rewards will be life changing to say the least and heck of a lot rewarding.

And yes thanks for the condolences!

Apr 02, 2016
Undiscovered Science
by: Dave

Well Afternoon Stan, I see you struck a nerve with some people. If it does not work for me its not real.

This reminds me of the doctors over a hundred years ago arguing over the need to wash their hands before preforming surgeries. Some said we had germs on our hand we could not see and the germs could cause infections. Others said there is no so called scientific proof, its fine to do surgery with out washing.

Stan, how many times have you heard a similar argument over the years? You and I and others use detectors and instruments to aid us in finding what we seek. Not too long ago these things would be called magic and you could have been possibly be put to death for using them.

Teams of researchers and scientists all over the world are investigating to see if dowsing, esp, and others strange abilities actually exist or not. Their findings prove beyond doubt these things do exist and the scientific reason for how they exist and why they work.

An excellent book on this subject, written by Lynne McTaggart, called "The Field" reports the research of the scientific groups and their results. Modern science is only a little over a hundred years old, does any one believe we have found all the science there is to be found??
I think not!

Dowsing tools were never originally intended to be used as a treasure hunting tool, they were intended for daily survival, just an aid to get ones needs. That's the way ancient man used dowsing, to help him survive. I found that when the researchers were doing their work they found some were successful at dowsing, while others were completely opposite. Like positive is to negative.

I have made a good living, and dowsing was just a tool I sometimes use to aid me in that. Warm Regards, Dave

Stan's response: Thanks Dave. I do hear where you are coming from. I am a huge Lynn McTaggart fan for many years now. So, I do have an open mind about all of this. I simply have not been able to see it work for treasure hunting or gold prospecting in my own life.

On the other hand, I have at earth-shattering results in other areas of my life by practicing the LOA through "Imagination" Neville Goddard style.

Apr 02, 2016
to Jeffrey Elliott
by: Dani

First of all, condolences in the loss of your Pops and all the best in your search for the American dream.

I really can't make out any equipment you are using on there. I do see some holes into the swamp filled with water, a real problem when digging into water table. A coffer dam with a pump would serve you well there.

Should your cache be contained in a box make sure you screw an eyebolt into the box as soon as you can touch it and secure it with a cable or chain to keep the box from sinking as you remove dirt and water.

Are you dowsing or having someone dowse for you?

Apr 02, 2016
by: Jeffrey Elliott

To Dani, if I had the time and financial means I would personally jump at the chance to try and make a treasure recovery for you !!!! But im working fulltime for the American dream and am currently searching for a treasure cache of confederate gold in my spare time !!!

You are very welcome to check me out on youtube for me and my cousin are also documenting this very treasure hunt that I speak of !!! Just go to youtube and key in my name Jeffrey Elliott and it ll pull up my videos !!!

So far there are 4 videos posted of this treasure hunt !!! I ll continue to document the treasure hunt thru its entirety successful or not !!!! I could go into a lot more details about the art of dowsing and why I believe it works but im a 2 finger typist so you get the jist of it !!! Hahaha !!!

Apr 02, 2016
I'm not the dowser!
by: Dani

I've not tried it on my own, I am not a dowser but I've gone along with no less than 7 different LRL operators and another 3 dowsers that used nothing but rods, more than 15 different map dowsers that have pinpointed exact locations of treasure with some sort of pendulum swung over a map and another couple of so called GRAVITRON type users that claim to be able to find gold using digital satellite imagery.

None, and I mean none of them have ever lead to a recovery. None of them, and I mean none have anything to show for all the claims, "its there, I can guarantee it". All efforts have been followed by excuses, coupons, stingers, reflective signals, minerals and even treasures being guarded by spirits, evil spirits or any number of other entities or curses.

I have even put gold down, and I do mean a considerable amount of gold and until late, it was in the ground for over 12 years and not one of these guys could find it with me putting them within a block of the cache either by map or satellite imagery.

Likewise, several LRL operators failed to find it. Oh, they got a signal alright, several signals, but none leading to an actual cache of gold.

Now, on the subject of Jesuits back in the 1600's, my research shows that Jesuits accompanied almost every excursion into the new world by the Spaniards and that Jesuits were the ones that were trained to dowse, some for gold, silver and precious stones and others for fresh water.

I think they are the ones that brought dowsing to the new world but I am willing to learn so please, do not think this rant an all out attack on dowsing.

I do have some solid research on some areas that I can send to someone, my belief or lack of belief should not influence the capabilities of a confident capable dowser. I'll put you in the area via GPS coordinates or map and if you want to give it a whirl, I'll go out and attempt to pin it down with a metal detector and effect a recovery. Usually, I offer a 50/50 split but in the interest of motivating someone to step up, I'll go 10% for me and the remainder for the dowser or LRL operator.

Look folks, I want it to be so more than you can imagine, but thus far all I've gotten is excuses from a bunch of folks including a supposed understudy of the famous Sam Wolfe.

Apr 02, 2016
I'm Relieved Now.
by: Dave

Good Morning Stan, You may want to check out those history books?? Dowsing has been a tool ancient man has used for thousands of years. I'll give you an example. When the French Jesuit missionaries first came to North America in the early 1600's, they found Native Americans using dowsing tools to find Ginseng in the bush. The Jesuit's thought this was devils work and for several hundred years tried to brake them of this searching for things with the dowsing rods. But were not successful.

Them Native Americans were very resourceful and were not known to waste there time at something if it didn't work. After all survival was a serious matter.

I have used dowsing for over 50 years as a tool to aid in discovery. I have been very successful at it. You might have heard of my latest discovery, where I located the Black Snow Flake Jadeite deposit with the aid of dowsing. The 4,000 pound Black La Negra, carved here in Wisconsin is from this location. Also when iron tools are lost in the quarries here I find them with the dowsing rods, while the other works watch me do it.

All of us have this ability, in our western ways we have forgotten that God gave us these hidden talents. After all He says He created us in His image, He may have also given us a few more things, too. As they used to say, I'm glad it doesn't work for you, as it then gives me more things to find. :) Warm regards. Dave

Stan's response: Thank you Dave. This is really the bottom line... If it works for you and you can consistently discovery the things that you seek with dowsing, that is fantastic. I would expect a successful dowser to have numerous, tangible results in hand for their efforts, just as you have been able to produce.

Likewise, I would never expect to encounter a financially broke, authentic dowser. I would think that an authentic dowser could either find plenty of valuable assets for themselves or for their substantial client base.

All that I was saying is that I have invested many hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in dowsing (both personally and hired professionals) with not one result to show for it.

I guess I must conclude that I am one of those guys who must simply rely on deep research and arduous fieldwork to realize my goals.

If an authentic dowser shows up on my doorstep tomorrow and successfully takes me to a specific treasure that I am seeking nearby, I would certainly change my strategy in a heartbeat as I continue to remain open-minded and flexible.

Apr 02, 2016
I beg to disagree
by: William


I Understand your frustration but I would like to say Map dowsing does work. But those that can do it are far and few between.

I have worked with a map dowser for many years. The commitment to being good at map dowsing is as huge as becoming an alchemist or shaman. Its a spiritual practice not for the faint of heart.

I can dowse coins and Nuggets without a problem. but when it comes to large treasure that an ancient people hid there is much more at play than finding a lost Item.

The people that Hid these Items understood energy. That's why nearly all Ancient sites are Located on energy vortex's. They could find them with ease can you. They understood Thought fourm entities and spiritual protection and even demonic guarding. Unless the dowsers you worked with Knew how to travel in the spiritual plane your just Pissing into the wind.

The treasures at least in South America are protected and about all deeper than a medal detector will go does not mean you cannot find them what it does mean is you are going to have to step out of your comfort zone of the material world. When a native tells you he saw an elf or a dwinde you ought to take notice when a native tells you about a treasure fire he saw as A child you ought to become friends with that man.

spiritual practice of some sort is highly beneficial if you want the synchronicity of life to work in your favor to find treasure.

Most ancient Cultures in south America were Sun Gazers. have you spent a year practicing Sun GAzing so you can understand them.

I Have and much more. here is another thing treasures are found all the time in South America But treasure Hunters are not. Those that are Good at what they do don't say anything to anyone about it. So saying Map Dowsing Does not work from your Limited perspective is indicative of why your have had problems.

Stan said he has had no success but you notice he added But I have tried to keep an open mind. Shutting doors when all you have is a limited perspective is not a mindset a treasure hunter can afford to have.

I could tell you stories Of places I have been and things I have experienced that would stretch your ability to believe to the outer Limits. So this is My advice Understand MAp dowsing works But accuracy is only achievable with the very best of the best. So use it to get you in the general area. Once that is established. You need equipment that go at least 20 ft in the ground either resistivity meters or EM machines something that penetrates the surface and draws you a map of underground stratification. Your going to need real ones not the toys medal detector sites sell.

Your going to need stuff mining companies use and learn how to understand what the maps are telling you. There are people that will be upset with me for sharing this and some will say I'm wrong. Treasure Hunting is a High Calling so treat it like it is and it will reward you.

But you have to really Listen to what's being whispered in the wind if your going to have success at it.

I would Like to also submit small treasures near surface that Medal detectors find are often Just Lost Items or

Apr 02, 2016
Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results!
by: Dani

Insanity is what Einstein called it. Like Stan said, over 40 years with no results and myself pushing close to 50 years with nothing to show for it. I'm ready to declare it a failure.

Many are the times I have chased along side of dowsers and LRL operators, followed specific directions from map dowsers and gone to GPS coordinates given from the GRAVITRON and other un-named contraptions that could spot caches of gold from digital satellite photos all this along the San Saba River in Texas for Spanish gold and throughout Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri for KGC gold.

My only two caches of silver and small cache of gold came from research and much hard working swinging a detector.

It may work for you and more power to you, but until you can show someone what you've found.... well, I'll hold judgement as this is not the venue for that! All the best!

Apr 02, 2016
by: Jeffrey Elliott

If anyone truly tries to dowse with belief in their efforts and fails, it just simply means that they can't dowse with any degree of accuracy, period. All people have the potential to dowse but all people can't dowse.

I believe in my efforts in dowsing and I have had some degree of luck finding native gold in streams and some silver coins as well by dowsing.

So, that old adage stands true, if you've tried it with no success, then you have the right to knock it, but likewise, don't knock those who have tried it with a certain degree of success.

If giving up in something that you don't believe works is an option, then more power to those people. I, for one, don't give up in anything that I believe that works for me.

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