Beach Placer Gold & Pirate Treasure in Coastal Ecuador

by Steven D*****
(Chicago, IL)

Hello Stan!! You probably do not remember me, but I've written to you privately before. I just received your latest offer of the two e-Books about gold in Ecuador.

Jeeezzzz, Stan. I wish you would stop promoting this so heavily. It is taking me so long to create an income stream, as you have recommended, that all the great places will be all taken. I'm serious.

I'm a single dad now, and was just talking to my son two weeks ago about those beaches there that are virtually still all virgin. Now, I get this email about YOU talking about just that! We will likely be getting the 180 day visa on my first visit.

My questions are about those beaches. How exactly does a gringo, or an aspiring permanent resident get a claim staked on the beach?

Where are the beaches that have sunken offshore ships that storms wash in their coins? What is their policy on coins from the beach?

Then, lastly, you threw me a curve-ball with the other pirate stuff in the article you sent me. Pirate treasure buried near beaches? Where? More precisely, what are the stories that are known about reputed pirate treasures?

Stan, you have my full permission to use my email here on your website.

But, would you kindly email back to me your reply before you do that?(You have so many web pages,I'll never find where those similar comments get posted....)

Thank you for doing what your doing! But, PLEASE!!! Cool it about the beaches, okay? Best regards, Steven D*****(Chicago,IL)

Stan's response: Hi Steven, All of your questions are great. You're asking for some pretty valuable information. That is exactly why I have decided to begin offering a Professional Consulting Service here in Ecuador. I have lots of valuable secrets to share, but for a small price.

That said, I will answer your questions in as much detail as I dare without giving away the farm.

1. Ecuador has mining laws as do other countries. Those laws are dynamically modified from time to time. You will need to consult with a mining law attorney when you are ready so that you can know of all the most recent rules and regulations. It is perfectly legal for a foreigner to own a mining concession in Ecuador.

2. There are a half dozen different locations along coastal Ecuador where concentrations of Spanish Treasure Galleons sunk in the 1500's, 1600's and 1700's. All together, there are billions of dollars of "documented" treasure that has never been recovered. There are billions more in undocumented wrecks. The concentrations of wrecks are due to various conditions such as rocks, pirates, fresh water influxes and notoriously bad prevalent wind directions. The old Hack Atlas is a great resource for me in knowing where these wrecks are. Another recommended book is "Women Can Find Shipwrecks Too" by Brandeis.

3. There are several specific locations along the coast where pirates flourished. These were strategic locations where pirates could "appear as if out of nowhere" when the Spanish Treasure Galleons were sailing north to Panama. A number of small treasure caches have already been discovered in these locations. There are many more. I found one myself while metal detecting. It took me a lot of research to discover these locations.

I hope this helps a bit, Stan

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