Beach Gold in Ecuador

by John Blythe
(Chipley, Florida)

In one of your articles I read the other day you said that there was gold on the beach like in Nome, Alaska. Which city would that be close to and what would the cost of a minimal living facility be at your best guess, or just how cheap could one do the beach gold hunt?
John Blythe

Stan's response: Both alluvial gold and artifact gold fragments can be found on the beaches of Ecuador from Galera Point all the way up to the border with Colombia. I have a map produced by government geologists in the 1980's showing values of 4 grams of gold per cubic meter on the beach at Galera Point.

One can live very comfortably near the beach in this area for well less than $1,000 per month including all expenses.

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Nov 15, 2014
Cost Of Coastal Living on Ecuador's North Coast
by: Anonymous

You can live modest life with no car for $400 a month in that area I did it for about a year. That includes eating very well too.

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