Banos Cave Trip

I am very interested in the cave you are describing in Banos. I have some caving experience and would very much like to be involved in getting past that rock you spoke of to explore the cave and tunnels. What are your plans for returning to the cave in the near future? How can interested people get involved?


Stan's response: Thanks for your comments Rick. I think it would be interesting to assemble a group of 5 or 6 interested cave explorers and discuss how to best open a passage around the large boulder in the cave. If there is enough interest, I could write up a brief paper on the exact conditions of the blockage as I saw it and we could brainstorm it from there.

Then we would need to arrange for permission from the landowner to re-enter the cave. That should be relatively easy to do. If we have some interest, perhaps you could help me to organize a small expedition.

Please keep in close touch Rick...

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May 24, 2009
by: Donald

Realy nice to get to chat with you. I'm back in the States, getting back to the grind. I had to leave because funds where getting low. I'll be back in two weeks. I really am interested in this cave project. Please let me in on it if its possible, I think I could be a asset. Thank you, Donald Woods

May 24, 2009
Banos Cave Trip
by: Rick

Hi Stan,

Thank's very much for asking me to help with an expedition. I probably should have mentioned before that I am already living in Ecuador. Maybe we could get together for lunch some day soon to talk about it. This is all very exciting! And sounds like a great adventure!


May 21, 2009
Banos Cave Trip
by: Donald

I am moving to Ecuador and I would really love to go on this adventure. My friend Chris lives there as well. Since reading of your adventures, I have been inspired and want to live this life of discovery and being in nature. Thanks Stan for sharing your vision. Sincerely, Donald

Stan's response: Great Donald! Keep in touch about your arrival and where you will be once you arrive. Then we can get ourselves organized.

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