As easy as buying the biggest and best equipment and walking around finding treasure!

by Karl

I just finished a day in the hot Florida sun and humidity on a really good site, private property with invitation to see if a buried cache was there. The place is interesting, a bluff overlooking the bay, old Native American shell middens and a fresh water spring that flows down from high ground and into the bay. There is no associated treasure story, no legends, no maps or markings, just an ideal place for Spaniards, pirates and other early mariners to pull in and enjoy fresh water, an evening breeze to keep the mosquitoes down and a commanding view of the bay.

I'm using a military mine detector on loan from a contractor with a rather large coil that is tuned for deeply buried UXO (unexploded ordnance) much like a two box detector covering every square inch of ground, marking every significant target with colored tape and then going back with a Teknetics G2 and a large custom coil made for me by a company in Spain to check the targets to see if they are shallow or small and getting them out of the way or ruling them out. The shallow targets turned out to be buried soda cans in a pristine place you wouldn't expect, some really old silverware and an odd assortment of brass or copper objects from the late 1800's early 1900's.

With all of those out of the way my next move is to probe the signals the large detector hit and that the smaller detector couldn't pick up because they were too deep and dig those probe hits that show an object that needs to be investigated. I'll need a full day tomorrow just to recover from the dehydration and heat exhaustion I suffered today. I had to change clothes twice from the sweat totally soaking through. Couple that with water moccasins in the fresh water and mosquitoes that apparently like to bite through wet clothing and you have a very miserable day.

This was not my first rodeo and while searching, my mind wanders from time to time and I remember a fellow a few years back talking about wanting investors to join him to purchase several thousand dollars worth of equipment and how they were just going to go out and find treasure with this new deep seeking Pulse Induction rig he had located on line. I began to think of all the folks I had hunted with in the past that had the idea that the more expensive and high end the equipment, the easier it would be. If I had a dollar for everyone I know that gave up after the first outing going for buried treasure or gold nuggets with the best equipment money could buy, I'd have a bunch of dollars that's for sure.

I've had a three project stretch before this that has produced nothing but ticks, mosquito bites and heat exhaustion and each time I finish up whether its a few days or a few weeks I vow that's it, never again, I'm getting too old but then I think back to times when I did pull that nice find out of the ground and the fire starts burning a little more brightly and as I feed it then the all consuming blaze and I've got to get back at it again. I know I'm not the only one but I also know we're few and far between.

This project will take another week before its even close to being covered the way I would like. but I'll keep going because I've got a signed contract for 25% of the take at the time of recovery with the land owners getting the remainder. If nothing comes out of the ground then I've got another week plus of experience, I've lived through some rather harsh hunting conditions and the ole adage, "whatever doesn't kill us only makes us stronger", comes into play here.

I guess I'd like to hear from others that beat their heads against the wall time and again yet keep suiting up and getting back into the game.

Stan's response: Thanks for sharing your story Karl. We love reading real life stories, especially from experienced veterans such as yourself. Your wisdom and hard-won track record help to give us a realistic perspective.

In our hobby/profession, persistence is so important. How many times have we finally found something important well after we should have given up? Damn the mosquitoes and heat. Keep swinging that detector. Please let us know how it turns out!

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