Are You Serious About Gold in Ecuador?

by Doug

I caught gold fever in Llano, Texas. I have adventured to Colorado and California a bit. I haven't found much yet. I plan on getting some of your books BEFORE my next trip in 2 weeks. Hopefully I can find enough to pay for the trip.

Are you serious about folks packing up and coming to Ecuador and joining your group? What kind of investment am I looking at to mine your areas there? How much money to join your group of adventurers? How long could I go on $5,000 before the mining would have to support me? This sounds WAY to good to be true!

I have no baggage here, nothing I can't walk away from. I would love to join you guys down there and learn what I can about gold mining. Doug

Stan's response: Good to hear from you Doug. I don't have an organization or group here in Ecuador. I am just a single individual who has lived here for about 25 years. I go out adventuring, gold prospecting, treasure hunting and traveling nearly every week. Some people have come down here as a result of my newsletters and we get together once in a while.

Life in Ecuador is inexpensive, healthy and adventurous. Those who have moved here really enjoy the environment. You can live on $700 per month like a king, including the adventuring.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them here in our Forum.

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Jun 16, 2011
Gold and Life in Ecuador? REALLY ?
by: Matthew S.

Are You Serious????

Only $700 a MONTH! HECK, I can't live like a king for a DAY here in the USA for more than that that!

Ok, I'm definitely curious into moving down there if things go my way. Last week i found $2,405 in silver coins PRAISE THE LORD FOR THAT! And i still got like $1,200 to play with. So, to get me started in this where WOULD i begin? (i feel as if i asked this once before) God Bless, Matthew S.

Stan's response: Come on down for a visit as a tourist and see what you think.

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