Are You Safe from the Earthquake

by Glenn Thomas
(West Plains, Missouri USA)

Just wanted to know that you are safe and that our thoughts are with the people of Ecuador.

Stan's response: Thank you Glenn. Yes, we are safe. We live well south of Cuenca in an area that is very geologically stable. That said, we did shake pretty good for more than a full minute. Fortunately, there was no damage here.

We, too, feel terrible for the thousands of people that were harmed and left with their possessions destroyed. I'm not sure how long it will take for them to recover, if ever.

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by: Jim

Strange you mention that, I just now read news info report that a volcano vent opened up under a river next to Yellowstone and steam is coming out of the river.

Also, something popped up on the internet and says today Ecuador was shaken again by a 5.5 just a few hours ago... is that true?

Right now it is almost 6:30 p.m. on West Coast USA.

Stan's response: I heard yesterday on the local news that so far, there have been more than 200 aftershocks, so this is likely so. Enough already with the aftershocks.

Geologically Stable Area
by: Jim

Trust a geologist to think of settling down in a stable area!!!

Stan's response: Yes I know... what a concept...

As beautiful and amazing as it is, I probably wouldn't want to be around Yellowstone National Park these days.

And then there is the ring of fire in general.

When I was in school, they taught Plate Tectonics as a theory. I guess that one is kind of working out over time.

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