Are the diamonds that are found in Venezuela from the same source as the ones found in Guyana?

by Jason
(Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)

Greetings Stan. Are the diamonds that are found in Venezuela in the Gran Savannah from the same source as the ones in the Savannah in Guyana?

Would you use the same methods found in your ebook? From what I understand, Guyana might be a safer choice for prospecting over Venezuela at the moment. All the political issues Venezuela has been having would be a huge problem. Damn Chavez. What do you think?


Stan's response: I think the diamonds probably are from the same general source or type of source Jason. I've prospected near the borders of Brazil with Venezueal with Guyana, in all 3 countries, and all of the material from each country looks the same to me.

I've also found gold and diamonds together in all 3 places! You can either use large rounds screens or gold pans to concentrate your material. Almost all diamond prospecters use the screens. Don't forget to take a portable black light for evening diamond prospecting!

I haven't heard of any problems for travelers in Venezuela since Chaves took over. I probably wouldn't hesitate to go there right now. That said, I wouldn't recommend going to either country unless you are a seasoned adventure traveler and know how to take care of yourself in rough places.

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