Archaeology or

by Vegar
(Oslo, Norway)

Hi, would like to see some proper dig reports of your discoveries. Thanks, Vegar, Norway

Stan's response: What is a "proper dig report"?

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Nov 06, 2011
Real Archaeologist - Get Dirty in Ecuador

Vegar, having dug in many unmapped areas, I was interested in having a real archaeologist, (I am not), accompany me to make sure I didn?t make any mistakes, while I was digging.

So, I went back to the U.S. went to a well known museum by where I live and explained what I have found in the past, (what I was concerned about was an Inca city that the fire pits in the home had not been dug) well long story short provide evidence of what I said, and was told by the head curator I was ripping out pages of history, hell that is why I went to them, so I would be guided in the right direction, not wanting to rip pages of history out of any book.

I wanted nothing in return or asked for nothing. They could claim all the glory, well after that incident and being told that I am a horrible person, the hell with trying to be helpful. I dig, map, (GPS) and leave. You are welcome to come along anytime.

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