Any Like-Minded People Out There Like Myself?

by Jason
(Anchorage, Alaska)

I absolutely love the great outdoors, treasure hunting, AKA ADVENTURE. I am a 34 year-old male living in Anchorage, Alaska, about to move to Ontario Canada. I am a flooring installer by trade. My work allows me to bust my butt for a good 6-9 months and bank quite a bit, which in turn allows me to play.

I have a cousin who owns a flooring store, so there will always be tons of work. Winter of 2010 I will be heading to Ecuador/Colombia for a good 2 months. Just looking for someone who might want to get to know me and be a flooring installer helper, and eventually, a full flooring installer.

We would be working for 6-8 months and then treasure hunting for 3+ months at a time. In a couple years, I hope to buy a 30-36' sailboat and begin sailing all over the west coast down to South America. If this sounds cool, leave a message and we can talk.

PS. The reason I want to find someone as a helper with my interests is that it will be difficult to have a skilled helper if I leave every year for several months. I also would like a fellow adventurous person to watch my back since oftentimes we will be in dangerous country. I hope this makes sense.


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Feb 01, 2010
Hey Monroe
by: Anonymous

The plan with the sailboat is to most likely moor it in Ecuador. It would only run me about $270 a month and it would be fairly secure.

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