Ancient Riverbeds and Mines

by Shelley
(Northern California)

Hello Fellow Adventurer!

Can you tell us where to find good information on Ancient Riverbeds and Old Mines that are no longer active?

I am in Northern California, near Santa Rosa and about an hour or so from the Motherlode. I have been using the USGS pages and Google Earth to view maps of Topo, Earthquake info etc... I would really like to find information on the riverbeds as well as old mines, but can't seem to find much. Where should I start? Thanks for all of your great information!! Shelley G.

Stan's response: In my e-package, Ancient Deposits Modern Wealth, I include a great book entitled, The Ancient River of Gold by Raymond Wallace. It gives lot of details about how and where to search. You may be able to find an old hard copy in a used bookstore or library.

Another great book is entitled The Auriferous Gravels of California. You can read it here:;seq=1;view=1up

I hope this helps to get you pointed in the right direction!

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