Ancient Nephrite & Jadeite Jade Discovery in Wisconsin!

by David Allen Towle
(Merrill Wisconsin, USA)

Hello again Stan, I am here to answer your request of new discoveries. After nearly a life time of searching, I have found several ancient Paleo mine sites in Northern Wisconsin.

The first to be found were two nephrite jade deposits, along with dozens of artifacts from 9,000 to 14,000 years old, found all around the jade mountains.

A while later, a jadeite jade deposit was located not far from the nephrite one. And around it too, were many artifacts recovered from the same time period.

In ancient times the jades were known as a useful stone as it was found to be the very best stone for making tools and also attractive ornaments.

I am presently working with a company and they are developing these discoveries as we speak. They are making useful things like the ancients once did. You can read of my discovery in Wayne May's, Ancient American Magazine, to get more details of these wonderful finds.

I could use some help. We are hoping a professional archaeologist might want to investigate these ancient jade mines and study and figure out who these ancient peoples were and tell their story.

I have done no digging at the sites for artifacts. As of now, we have recovered over 100 artifacts, just laying on the surface of the ground. We have discovered all manor of things, like hand axes, bi-faces, fire starting stones, strange arrow heads, celts and things we can't name.

The string of small jade mountains are over ten miles long and getting longer as we have not found the end of this discovery yet. Any archaeologist out there with nothing to do, please get in touch.

With warm regards, David Allen Towle

Stan's response: SPEECHLESS.

No, really, this is absolutely amazing. I am so "adrenalized" by reading this story, I can hardly breath. This is so cool!

Thank you David for sharing this inspirational account of your amazing discovery. This is exactly what I have been talking about in my newsletters. I bet more of these discoveries are just waiting for our Club Members to make relatively close to home.

Further, Wayne May's publication, Ancient American Magazine, is the very best I have ever seen on this most important topic. I would seriously urge everyone to subscribe!

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Jade in Northern WI
by: Anonymous

A friend thinks he has found a paleo mine site in Nothwestern WI. He has found many stone age tools and two specimens he thinks are jade. These founds are in glacial terminal moraine near the head waters of a local river. This article adds credibility to his claims. Very Interesting...

Jade Discovery in Wisconsin
by: Anonymous

I have found jade in Wisconsin in lakes and rivers. It is not easy to find, nevertheless it's there. I have been finding pieces ranging in size from a dime to tennis ball.

Some pieces are just jade and some are jade in combination with conglomerate sedimentary pieces mixed with dark black gray or purple quartz in solid translucent or opaque specimens.

Anyone may email me for photos and inquires about my geological discovery at

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