Ancient Mysteries, Numbers and Astronomy

by Barry Macfarlane
(North Bay ON Canada)

Not surprised or shocked in any way, actually I have felt for sometime that there is a lot of suppressed information out there.

My personal investigations (limited by my personal capabilities at this time), seem to follow a pattern.

I have seen many patterns but wish to discuss only one or two here.

In every culture and religion I keep coming across certain numbers or sequences that cannot simply be a coincidence, such as thirteen and seven, sometimes represented by symbols or people.

The number thirteen for example appears to represent a number of things but if I am not mistaken it is a destination- the thirteen stars of a specific constellation.

Furthermore I feel that the number seven represents how to get there. Any destination in a 3-D universe requires six different fixed points followed by a starting point which equals seven.

In this case the starting point is/may be the earth or perhaps the sun. The destination appears to be the a planet orbiting one of the suns in the constellation Ophiuchus represented time again in Egypt, Sumeria, Mayan and indeed up to and including the current American empire.

What do you think, am I just crazy or am I on to something here?

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