Ancient Gold-Bearing River Beds in the Northeast USA?

by Norm Marsh
(Whitesboro, New York)

Are there any ancient, gold-bearing river beds in the Northeast, especially in New York? Thanks, Norm Marsh

Stan's response: Hi Norm. Finding gold in New York is not an easy endeavor. However, it is there, both hardrock and alluvial in limited quantities. But remember, New York owns all of the gold within the state and you must turn it over to authorities immediately upon finding it! (they must be dreaming)

As in other Eastern and Midwestern States, there is some glacial gold to be found too. A bit of local research should reveal the best locations to search for the glacial flakes.

Lastly, a little-known secret is that another potential source of ancient alluvial gold can be found in the conglomerates of the Schwangunks and Catskills Mountains. These ancient conglomerate, fossilized deposits are somewhat similar to the deposits found in the Witwatersrand Reef in South Africa. The Witwatersrand deposit is absolutely huge, historical and quite productive.

Please let us know when you find the New York motherlode Norm. We'll be right over to visit you!

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Turn It Over? !
by: Jim

Holy Socialism!!!

Finders keepers is the law of the US and always has been. Those wackos are totally out of touch. Unfortunately, there are other wackos in other states.

We have the same problem in my state with this: if you find it you must turn the item in and wait to see if the owner comes for it. Sometimes the gov. requires you to pay for a public notice of the lost item.

If the owner does not claim it then the item is sold at auction (hey you can bid, don't despair)and the money goes to the local or state government.

Talk about jealous people in power!

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