An Ancient Alluvial River Channel

Digging Test Holes with a Backhoe

June 8, 2012

We received report of a legal alluvial gold concession that is ready to work almost immediately. It is not far from the historical El Dorado site of Logrono. We visited the site and noticed that it is dry and sits on top of a mountain. It is an ancient channel. However, we quickly noticed large tailings piles all around the concession area. A lot of it has obviously been worked.

As we began to do our investigation, we discovered that several different groups had worked here over the years. Reports of rich recoveries came from several different sources. Some initial panning looked so good that we hired a backhoe to do some deeper test holes in various target areas.

I was extremely let down and disappointed when we were not able to obtain one good test result out of a dozen different test holes. What was worse, everywhere we dug revealed tailings and no virgin ground. We had been told that only a small area had been worked. What a wise investment it is to spend a thousand dollars to do test holes before committing to anything.

After several hopeful days in the area, I left with my head hung low. Onward and upward.

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