Jaguar Death Mask

Jaguar Death Mask

Jaguar Death Mask
Yes A TRUE Pyramid 7 Blocks By 7 Blocks & weighs Exactly 6.98 TROY OZ or 7?
Death Mask
Plated & alloy Objects

Thought I would share just a glimmer of the amazing things South America has to offer the determined Explorers.

Stan, It is great you have provided this platform and a wealth of knowledge to those seeking adventure.

I don't think I gave you enough credit in my last post for how you have help me through the years.

I would love to share some actual digs on video if you get a platform for it. and anyone is interested?

Thanks Again

I would love to hear some feed back on any of these objects.

Stan's response: Thank you for sharing these amazing photos with us! I AM able to post videos on the site. However, I'm not sure if anyone would really be very interested in seeing ancient, valuable objects being unearthed for the first time in thousands of years.. ;-) Let's see if there is any interest or response about the video.

What do you think fellow explorers? Any interest?

And thanks for the kind words sir J. It has always been a pleasure to be in contact with a like-minded explorer dude. I admire your energy in getting out there and doing what so many people only dream of!

p.s. It is awesome how these objects are so similar to those found by the inspirational, Howard Jennings in his book, The Treasure Hunter. Perhaps it is because they were found in the same general area and are from the same culture.

What is more amazing senor J. is that you are probably the only person to ever detect in the same area since Howard was there over 50 years ago! Ecuador truly does offer virgin opportunities for our type of explorer.


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by: Anonymous

Greatly Appreciated.. Good Advice!

Be Careful about Posting Videos!
by: Lost Adams

Guys, you need to be careful and aware (I'm sure most are) of the totally damning and incriminating evidence of video documentaries.

Be aware that you can't recover or deny what is in pictures or video in front of a judge. I'm not sure what the Antiquities Laws are in Ecuador (Stan would), but I know in the 80s', in Peru, if a Gringo were caught, he would be shipped off to prison.

This isn't your fluffy Nandy Pandy US Prison, but a place that you have to physically defend yourself against everyone, just to keep your SLOP food and meager possessions (clothing).

If someone from the outside didn't bring you food, you would probably starve, or at least become so emaciated you couldn't protect yourself after a week or so.

I'm not BS'ing about this, I know what it was like there then, as my girlfriend's brother was in there serving out a sentence for belonging to the "Shining Light" rebel uprising going on at that time. I saw the conditions First Hand.

Sorry guys about being so graphic, but this is a danger no less than the poisonous snakes and spiders of the country.

Just because you "Got Away With It" once, doesn't mean that somebody isn't watching and waiting to NAIL you when you try to board the plane or boat for home.

The World Wide Archaeological Community is WATCHING all the time for ignorant folks to incriminate themselves in videos. This gives them two Wins for themselves;

1. They get the site to shut down from further looting,

2. They get a scapegoat to show the rest of the world how all of us TH'ers Rape and Pillage the history of countries that are too poor to protect themselves from us.

In 2011, I set up and then shut down a video / treasure hunt to South Central Mexico that would have been a major block buster hit, just because the principle investor didn't have permission to excavate on the old Indian burial ground.

He told me he did, but when I investigated it, he didn't. I was the one who was going to take my 1 ton Dodge, 15 passenger Maxi-Van loaded down with $10,000 worth of professional camera/video equipment, OutFitters camping gear, + ???, and have it risked.

All he was risking was a chance of getting caught at the site after the treasure was dug up. He and his principals were going to fly down and have the field crew pick them up at the Airport in Mexico City.

Too much risk on my part and not enough SKIN in the game for him to balance out the rewards. He originally told me we were going on a Lost Mine Hunt.

Sorry for the long comment but these thing have to be discussed in order to protect ourselves, from the ECO-Terrorists and find solutions.
Bill "Lost Adams"

Stan's comment: Listen to good advice!

I recall your time broke in one place you spoke of
by: Jim

Hi Stan, Yes, about being broke, I recall you mentioned you were not in a very good way at one time. You were recently graduated from a geology school, were living in a tiny apartment in Canada I believe, no job, no prospect at the moment and feeling really down and alone. Also it was a "cold" Canadian winter and freezing inside and outside your home.

Then a friend gave you a book Personal Magnetism. You followed the directions and Wow! amazing things happened rather quickly.

Do you still make that book available?

I got it but was not sure on how to do the exercise. A how to video on those exercises here would be wonderful!

Thanks, Jim

Stan's response: Well, that is not really the exact story as I told it, but it does carry the essence somewhat. Thank you for remembering Jim. That was a long time ago.

In the coming year, I plan to bring my story right up to date and then compare it with some other peoples' similar experiences. I hope for the result to be of extreme value to our group, both inspirationally and also very practically.

For now, enough said, until I have a chance to lay the foundation properly.

Hand up *waving* in the air to show interest.
by: Zantonsus

Love the treasure shots! Always good to keep the motivation going.

I for one would be interested in the videos. Have all the latest 4k recording technology including several top end drones for the aerial shots! Also have underwater capabilities etc etc.

Although it is still easiest and most profitable to use YouTube for the actual platform, its also easy to pool all the relevant ones here on Stan's website which has to be the best place for Adventurers to congregate imhvo.

I also have a Garrett ATX with a Deepseeker coil, the military grade underwater capable pulse induction thingy.

I also happen to have lots of free time, a 4x4 and live and play in Ecuador :D Lucky enough to be able to adventure all day every day and love it!

Stan's response: OK Jared, let's work on getting that treasure video posted when it is convenient for you.

by: Jeffrey Elliott

I know that here in North America the working class people such as myself (the salt of the earth) are just merely working from day to day to just barely exist if you will! Everything is just in supersonic speed so to speak which is not good but it's all we have! It's our homeland where our ancestors have lived the American dream and died here doing so!

I could never live and die in a foreign land! And our federal government, yes that spot of dirt in USA called DC, is the most crooked and corrupt real estate that surrounds our country and it's people! And they certainly are not doing right by it's citizens!

Everything is just MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! and we are taxed to death almost to the breaking point! And the old saying is HOME IS WHERE YOU HANG YOUR HAT! My motto is do my best, never give up and continue to chase my dreams!

Stan's response: Thanks for sharing your philosophy with us Jeffrey. I am sure that many will agree with you.

My philosophy is quite different than yours. I feel like I am a citizen of the world and am not a citizen of any particular country. I have lived in 5 different countries during my life and I love each and every one as if I had been born there.

Further, I have found that people are basically the same everywhere in the world. Almost all of us want the same things at the end of the day. I feel like I have always been among loved ones.

Personally, I have been "busted broke" about 4 different times in my life and this was in 3 different countries. At moments, I didn't know how I was going to eat the next day. Each time, I managed to figure out something creative and was able to keep going.

Some of this experience is what I am planning to bring to the table with "The Wealthy Adventurer". By the time I will have "spoken my piece" (and peace), over the next 2 years, our group will all have options (if they want them) about how to break free of the system and thrive, wherever they live or want to live in the world.

I will be coming out with a very important announcement in the next week or two about how we will begin this process of becoming completely free of the system.

As for me, I really don't care where in the world I die. I am always at home anyway.

South America Exploration
by: Jeffrey Elliott

Stan, just what is so appealing about South America more so than North America your true homeland? You can hunt for gold, buried treasures here as well as down there! Ya just have to have a modern day pirate frame of mind to do so in order to perhaps profit close to a 100%! That's my protocol for now until I can go legal!

It may pan out for me or it may not, but it's worth my effort as a treasure hunter! NOTHING VENTURED, NOTHING GAINED! What are your thoughts, views, and or opinions on the subject matter ?

Stan's response: Thanks Jeffrey. At this time, I won't get into the topic of living in South America vs. North America. However, I do have very strong reasons for doing so. I definitely will address the topic within a few, short weeks. I do thank you for bringing up the subject which I consider to be of huge importance!

by: Jack

Hi Stan, Were those items from the Coaque area?
You may recall, I explored as far up the Coaque river as the water would allow. I was shown beautiful pottery figurines by farmers up the river. One told a tale of his father finding gold artifacts on their farm. He sold the gold and bought more land.

One could spend years exploring that area. I would like to learn more about the exploration being done where Howard Jennings once tread. I need an excuse to return to Ecuador.

Stan's response: Yes, the items in question were found in the general region of Coaque, but not near the river itself. They were found in several areas mentioned in the book.

You are correct, it would take 10 lifetimes to properly explore the entire area. I have seen many hundreds of unexcavated tolas in that area. I saw that a number of the tolas had pieces of pottery eroding from them. That is why the streams and rivers contain so many gold artifacts that have eroded from the original burials.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about this culture, you can research "Jama Coaque" on the internet.

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