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Unique Tools for The Wealthy Adventurer:

The Prepared Wealthy

Adventurer's Treasure Map

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The Prepared Wealthy

Adventurer's Checklist

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The Wealthy Adventurer's

Treasure Map - Do-It-Yourself

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The Wealthy Adventurer's

Checklist - Do-It-Yourself

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A quick word about the new tools you see above...

As you can see, the images on the left are called flow charts, or process maps. We like to call ours a Treasure Map.

The images on the right are simple Checklists. As you likely know, Checklists are used to prioritize our objectives and efforts so that we are always (theoretically) working on the very most important task at any given time.

I use these tools in my daily life and find them to be of great value. They help me to visualize and achieve my personal and work objectives much more quickly and efficiently.

The Prepared Wealthy Adventurer's Map is a general guideline of the concepts that we will be working with this year. The idea here is that for us to live a life of adventure, freedom and independence, we need to have certain aspects of our life organized and in balance.

"Prepared", means we have some sort of a "home base" that is secure and paid for (no debt). At our home base, we have good shelter, water, food, electricity and security. This base provides a tremendous "peace of mind" as we go about our daily adventures.

"Wealthy" means that we meet our monthly financial obligations and have plenty of surplus with which to have fun, travel and buy cool stuff. It is best if this income can be earned or managed from almost anywhere in the world. It is portable.

"Adventurer" means that we are free to explore any thing, idea or place that attracts us. Adventuring often has to do with searching for valuables, gold or treasure. When we find valuable stuff, we keep (stack) it; we don't need to sell it, because we are already wealthy from our portable income. 

Feel free to use the Do-It-Yourself copies and any of this information that appeals to you as we go. Anything that is not interesting to you can be thrown directly into the garbage. These principles come from my own experiences and from principles found in the hundreds of books about "success" that I have read. I hope you find some of this material to be of benefit.

We will be using much more detailed Treasure Maps

and Checklists as the year progresses.

Precious Metals Recovery Lab Notes from Patricia Thacke

In several of my blogs, I have mentioned my communications with one of our club members, Patricia Thacke. Patricia is an amazing person with an incredibly interesting background and history. Besides owning and operating precious metals mines in the Western USA, Patricia is an expert on the recovery of precious metals from complex ores.

In Patricia's Lab Notes, she reveals extremely rare, proprietary information about her extraction methods. Having spent several years of my life working on and with these types of difficult extractions, I am in awe of Patricia's generosity and willingness to share such hard-earned, family secrets. Heaven only knows how much it would cost for you to hire an expert to develop these formulae for you.

Patricia's notes and e-mails to me further serve as a most interesting family history in mining and lab work that I have greatly enjoyed reading! We hope that you enjoy reading her words as well.

Please observe the Copyright Notice that appears at the top of Patricia's page before reading the text...

Please click here to proceed to Patricia's Lab Notes page...