Adventure of a Lifetime

by Andrew
(Sheridan, Wyoming, USA)

Hi, it's me, Andrew. I was hoping to get to go down to Nicaragua where my mother's father's gold mine is. I would like to go in the next year or so.

But, I know nothing of the region, how to speak any Spanish, and don't know much about regulations on how I might be able to obtain information as to how I might be able to reopen the old workings my grandfather left behind when he died.

If it is at all possible I would like to know if I could hire you as somebody with some knowledge of the Central America countries and to be my guide while im down there...

Stan's response: Andrew, that sounds like a great adventure. Nicaragua is such a beautiful country and few people know of the wealth of gold that exists there.

Most of the consulting work that I have done and that I do is for larger companies with large budgets. Also, I am pretty busy these days.

But, I bet we will find someone in this forum that speaks Spanish, is an experienced prospector and would love to accompany you on this great adventure.

Let's hear from you interested readers who would be up for this!

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