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Well, I lost track with your programs during the summer. I now have my computer on line again after 2 years using a public one!

I bought a mineral rights gold claim in western Arizona. I don't know yet if there's much gold to it, I bought it sight unseen! Its in a mineral rich zone about 12 miles S.S. West of the Vulture Mine outside of Wickenburg.

I won't be able to see it until early next year. The people I bought it from have been in the mining business, selling and working claims for many years. One of their large claims is located in a few sections west of mine. Theirs is reported to be mineral rich in gold, silver, tungsten, zinc, and lead.

I look forward to going out there and walking over the ground (in Winter) and detecting and taking samples, maybe dry-washing and working on some of the bedrock. A good learning experience for me because I have a lot of catching up to do in this prospecting endeavor!

Stan's response: Thanks for your news Richard. Please keep us posted on your progress. A photo or 2 would be greatly appreciated too. good Luck!

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