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Jul 05, 2019

Bruce Vogt

Just wanted to say hi to an old friend. You were on my mind so I googled your name.Quite the adventurer I see. Your name came up when talking to Mike Depetro

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Mar 05, 2019

Are there Metal detectors for rent in Ecuador

Hi Stan thx for all that you do . I'm looking for a place that has detectors for rent in Ecuador. Stan's response: Hi Rasta. I do not know of any

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Nov 28, 2018

I found an incan civilization in america,i need help,have lots treasure already

Hi i found ancient engraved giant maps,that can only be read when shade is cast a certain way on it,i crossreferenced the data,found it to be correct,and

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Sep 06, 2018

Mines of South America

Hello Stan. I have followed your adventures for years and am finally making the move. I should be in Colombia in a few weeks and Ecuador in a few months.

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Aug 15, 2018

You were overwhelmed by how many...?

Hello all you Rascals, Rouges, Adventurers, and Scoundrels; Just read something that happened in Connecticut, USA. Twenty-five people over dosed in the

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Jul 29, 2018


Wow, It seems these fires are in many countries now. In gold country around Redding and Shasta too. When treasure hunting and gold hunting its very important

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Mar 06, 2018

6 Ways to Make $6k+ per mo. from Adventure

Discover how to make $6k+ per month from adventure.

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Mar 05, 2018

Gold Bot Update

Anything new to report on when the Gold Bot will be available? Stan's response: Unfortunately, I lost the programmer that was working on several new

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Jan 24, 2018

Flipboard magazine

Greetings Stan, I am not seeing the flip board magazine silver edition? Has it moved to another area or been removed. I really have enjoyed the articles!

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Jan 24, 2018

Safety in Both Jungle and Urban Jungle

Hello Everyone! I want to ask about safety... in both the field, the jungle, and in the urban jungle. Just this past weekend in Santa Cruz, CA, I was

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Nov 12, 2017

missing download links

I don't see the links for secret code, private investigator secrets, xtreme internet search master, and treasure hunting secrets. Are they just missing

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Oct 29, 2017

Another home run Stan!

Well Stan, once again you out did yourself. I am very happy with this course. To a certified information junkie like myself, this is a god send. Thank

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Oct 06, 2017

gold bot availablity?

When will the gold bot be available for those who have bought your Ancient Gold course? Thanks, Norm Marsh Stan's response: Completing the Gold Bot

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Oct 03, 2017

Ancient river of gold in S.E. gold belt?

Hi Stan, I can't say enough about the materials in the Ancient Gold and the Discover Anything courses! I was able, after watching the videos, to find

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Sep 25, 2017

Discovery Training

In for a penny in for a pound! A pound of gold that is. All the information made available so far is a huge amount to wrap your head around. The workbook

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Sep 24, 2017

Discover Anything

Welcome to our unique training course that will give you new Superpowers! You are about to learn the secrets of successful investigators, genius researchers and rich treasure hunters.

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Sep 20, 2017


Who has mined for Opals? Anyone with experience with Opals??? Thank you, Jim

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Sep 20, 2017

The North American Report: Phoenix, Arizona

Hello to all you Rogues, Rascals, Adventurers, and Traders: Well, Phoenix is hot. Three temperatures: hot, hotter, hottest. I cannot exist there as it

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Sep 01, 2017

Discovery Training

Stan, This is a most helpful addition to valuable knowledge already distributed. We have discussed many times the value of research before hitting the

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Sep 01, 2017

That Google Search Tip Worked

Hello Stan, Thank you for the tip how to search information about gold on the internet. I tried it but got 405,000 hits. Then I looked closer at what

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Aug 24, 2017

As easy as buying the biggest and best equipment and walking around finding treasure!

I just finished a day in the hot Florida sun and humidity on a really good site, private property with invitation to see if a buried cache was there. The

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Aug 21, 2017

Wonderful interview!!

Hi Stan, Thanks for the link to the Mel Fisher interview!! Fascinating and encouraging to hear Mel. Jim P.S. We need to have more of your adventures

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Aug 06, 2017

Old River Channel in a Road Cut

Hey Stan, I made several trips driving between Tena and Yantzaza,and I recall seeing layers of worn rounded river rock of varying size along side the

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Aug 05, 2017

Gold Everywhere

Stan you are amazing! Thank You for sharing the knowledge and literature you have accumulated over the years with our group! I am overwhelmed by the information

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Jul 31, 2017

Ancient Gold Group

Stan, I am really enjoying the Ancient Gold information. There is a lot here, wow! Wading through it all, and learning already. Looking forward to future

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