Adventure Awaits?

by Ross
(Saskatoon, SK, Canada)

On one hand I worry that what you are offering is too good to be true and on the other I am so excited about the possibilities that I feel like giggling like a school girl. ;)

I have always dreamed of searching for lost treasure, being in strange surroundings and meeting exotic peoples. I am presently as far from that as I think you can get.

My major stumbling blocks would be money, and worry that my family would try to have me committed to a Sanitarium if I told them I was off to discover lost cities. :)

On the positive side I have trained for years in martial arts, can scuba dive and am in pretty good shape, so I am physically ready for anything.

Adventure always seems just around the corner or it happens to someone else like yourself. I hope what you are offering can make the difference between thinking about adventure and living it.


Stan's response: It will be interesting to see what we come up with Ross. You are the perfect candidate for what I have in mind.

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