About de Tayos Caves in Ecuador

by Alan
(Plainfield NJ, USA)

Hi Stan,

As you said the Tayos Cave History is all fake. I was suspicious on that. Everything is possible. But what concerns me about the false of all this, is that I learned that A Golden skeleton was found in a central province of Ecuador 25 years ago. I did talk with the 2 natives who found the golden skeleton, these are trustworthy people who have no need lo lie. On the other hand, I did read the book, "Lirico y Profundo" which says Moritcz y Goyen saw a Golden skeleton in a stone box. Now I ask from where the author of this book or Moritcz or Goyen made out this about this skeleton?. Could we relate this and make our own conclusion? Stan, I hope you could give me your opinion.

Regards. Al

Stan's response I am very open-minded about the Tayos Cave topic. If you can give me the names and addresses of the witnesses, I will be very ready to interview them and share the results with the world.

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