A slightly different approach...

by Jim

Hi Adventurers,

How is life progressing in these "interesting times" as the old Chinese Curse goes...

For me, I am getting into some things that are related to an old project from 30 years ago in Japan. I feel it is time to just jump in and put all together what I have learned to start creating my life rather than sit at the crest of a giant wave clutching onto anything for safety and hope not to be dashed.

Given the world's pickle, I think this is the only way to go about living. Wattles, Science of Getting Rich and like sources are part of the whole yet it is just a part. I have found there is more to do.

Trying to force things won't work. Nose to the grindstone to get ahead is not the way to go as the game has not only been changed but mostly cancelled. There are forces, invisible but with well know fronts, find that it is more profitable that you do not get ahead but rather tread water or preferably fall behind and down a drain.

To thrive you have to do things different than the old days and also very different from what the smiling nice people who have it all, and who have all the power, are telling you is the way to success and riches. They claim that is how they did it but some simple research and peeking into the past proves a different story and shows a lot of support, connections, and networks to tap into.

As I look back in life I see what has come to me in goods and miracle ways happened differently than how it was suppose to come. It didn't come about from doing what the system said to and how to do things.

Therefore, I am looking into all the wonderful things and resources I have discovered in the years and looking at a comprehensive approach to put it together, to practice it each day and to turn it into a way of life!

As I come upon parts and progress I will keep you posted, probably as replies to this post.


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