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by Dale Newman
(Reseda, California)

I think that if you have not read any of the works of Zecharia Sitchin you may well be missing the most important and scholarly books on the origins of man and the recorded pre-history of the ancients. Armed with this info, you may well be able to unlock some of the clues that you are only now beginning to uncover. From a fellow and experienced treasure hunter,

Dale Newman

Stan's response: Hi Dale, yes, I am very familiar with Sitchin's books, especially The Lost Realms. Sitchin is the main researcher who theorizes on who Viracocha may well be. This is exciting stuff and I am certainly using this book as one of the main guides for my research.

I really appreciate you mentioning this as I am sure it will interest a lot of our readers. Please keep working with us on this Dale.

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