A Gold Dredging Partner in Ecuador

by Jack

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jack. I am an American Expat living in Ecuador. I am a friend of Stan's, and I can tell you he is a great guy and the best friend you could ever want. You may have seen the post, where another friend of Stan's, Jim, is selling his gold dredging equipment. I met Jim once at Stan's and he is a good guy. It is too bad, he is selling. I imagine he has found another adventure elsewhere.

Gold Dredges For Sale in Ecuador

Jim's selling his gold dredging equipment has created an awesome opportunity for someone else. If I had the extra cash, I would already own some or all of his gear. I am an experienced gold prospector. I don't claim to know it all but I owned a 20 acre placer claim in southern Oregon, and have been into prospecting since the late 1970s.

I learned to dredge from an old-timer in the California Motherlode country. I know where the gold is supposed to be. I have spent many hours on the business end of a suction dredge. I own and have operated highbankers and drywashers. I know how to snipe crevices using hand tools and a vacpack, and nugget shooting.

I am a certified scuba diver as well. Oh yeah, there are Spanish shipwrecks all along the coast here too. I own 8 metal detectors and have them here with me in Ecuador. I have a lot of placer mining equipment in storage back in the States.

If anyone reading this post has the slightest interest in finding A LOT of gold, then you need to at least consider coming to Ecuador. Stan knows more about gold deposits in this country than any man alive. He KNOWS where it is and is willing to partner up and share that knowledge.

Jim has already spent the big money getting the gear into the country. I am here, ready and willing to work along side a partner. Having someone here that you can trust is very important and not as easy as you might think.

Stan and others will vouch for me. There is more gold in this country than you would ever believe. Do some research on it, and you will be amazed.

With the price of gold as high as it is currently, the time could not be better. Again, if any of you are interested, post to this forum and we can discuss it further. It will be interesting to see if there are any adventurers left out there.


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Dec 04, 2013
Northern Californian Wants Early Retirement in Cuenca, Ecuador
by: Anonymous

Wow, it appears I'm a johnny come too late. Well, not sure you are still looking for a real guy with hand shack honesty. (note that I would propose that hear all that stuff may come later) But I was taught well. 59 yro. Please respond. Bob.

A little more till I run out of space. I mostly have been self-employed. I've owned a dinner house and lounge above Oroville, CA, service style, floor covering biz, a very large auto body shop 2500 sq ft. I've built a couple of chain operations for other investors and so on. I feel as if I'm doing a resume but I wanted to be compared fairly. I won't be ready for a year. I guess they allow river or ocean suction dredging. Ok, that's it sent me any info you feel proper.


Nov 26, 2013
Thank You
by: Rob B

Thank you Stan,

I feel the same. It would be very interesting to meet you. I’d really enjoy your take on the Metal Library and the hidden chamber they've found in Machu Picchu. It’s fascinating where this could lead and captures the imagination!

I have a particular interest in gold dredging and I’ll be bringing an underwater metal detector with me. I have made contact with Henry Bee Gold expressing an interest in the one and two week dredging tours as a place to start. I also like the idea of prospecting for other minerals and gem stones.

I will write again once I arrive in Ecuador. Hopefully, you will have 20 minutes or sometime over dinner to talk.

Thank you again and all the best!

505 818 8363

Nov 26, 2013
I'm coming to Ecuador in Mar 2014
by: Rob B


My name is Rob Barnes. I will be arriving in Ecuador in Mar of 2014. I'm coming to Ecuador with the idea of making it my new home and crafting a life that sustains and nourishes me.

I'm a fit and healthy 53yrs old man. I'm divorced, with no children and like many of you, I have an adventurous spirit. I've parachuted, hang glided, surfed, mountain climbed, scuba dived, traveled and seen much of the world. I've uprooted myself several times on a moment’s notice and moved thousands of miles with only a motorcycle and a few dollars in my pocket. No job, no home, no one waiting on the other side. Just me and my confidence in being resourceful and able to take care of myself.

I do have a military background and an electrical engineering degree. I am an experienced scuba diver. I am physically strong and in good health. My character is honest, kind and resourceful. I’m intelligent. I work hard. I’m easy going and typically, make for good company. It’s not my nature to complain, rather it’s to get the task at hand completed. If a problem is encountered, you go over it, under it, around it, sometimes it feels you are being tested like Job, but there is almost always a way to get any task completed. I am already an amateur rock hunter, having lived in New Mexico, with its vast and interesting geological structure. I have read a number of books by a great Geologist, who worked in Alaska and Wyoming, by the name of Dan Hausel. I’ve been reading Stan’s books on this site, as well as the vastly entertaining and informative “Lust For Inca Gold”. I have a lot to learn, but I learn quickly.

If anyone out there is looking for a partner in some venture in Ecuador. I would be pleased to speak with you. The rivers, the mountains and the ocean are all fascinating to me and I would love to explore and work in any of those environments. If you have similar ideas or looking for a solid partner. I would like to speak with you.

Sorry this turned into such a long winded spiel.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Robert Barnes
Nov 25, 2013

Stan's response: Looking forward to meeting you Rob.

Feb 15, 2013
Is anybody that is needing some help with gold dredging? I'm ready to roll!
by: Tom

If anybody is looking for some help then let's talk (205) 540-3554. I'm ready when you are!!

Sep 28, 2012
Leaving Alaska - Looking for a Warm Home in Ecuador
by: Brent Tuttle

I have been successfully dredging (working as a diver) in Nome Alaska this summer and will be leaving in October. I'm hoping to find an opportunity to mine in Ecuador (preferably dredging with someone on a percentage basis as a diver) for a while.

I can add some cash to the venture if the operation needs some investment to get up and running.

Do you guys know of anyone that would need someone that can find the gold---and work 8-10 hours a day underwater?

Please let me know...


May 22, 2012
Living and Working in Gold Mining in Ecuador
by: Jim Wasas

I lived happily in Ecuador for 14 years with a visa of "inversionista Industrial" because of a $25,000 investment that created jobs for Ecuadorians. I recommend Ecuador strongly and look forward to returning (I am retiring and need a good project to keep me busy).

I worked with Stan Hall and local miners to improve their recovery of gold and silver without using mercury, and taught refining to 999.9 Fine gold, and manufacture of pure silver and silver nitrate. I also invented a liquor and started a business manufacturing Espiritu del Ecuador for bottles shaped like the Monument at the Middle of the World.

My contact is jwasas@hotmail.com or732-535-2261.

Feb 29, 2012
Is It ok to Call Sometime About Gold Dredging in Ecuador?
by: mike rogers

I forgot to give you my e-mail address:


Feb 29, 2012
Ok to Call Sometime About Gold Dredging in Ecuador?
by: mike

Jack, Please update me on your success at finding anyone to partner up with. You have generated some interest as I can see but things are not clear as to if there is still a need / opportunity since the last posting.

I would like to call and talk to you sometime if that would be ok. I am working toward a trip to checkout the country and gold dredging in particular. E-mail me if it is ok to call sometime. I would like to talk even if you are not currently wanting help.

I would just like to find out from someone who has made the move what to expect if I ever decide to relocate to Ecuador. Thanks, Mike Rogers

Aug 24, 2011
Hellow Jack, Let's Gold Dredge in Ecuador!
by: chris

Ill be in Quito next week. I have a gold dredge there and will be working for the next 6 months. If you think we can work together let me know. I am also a friend of Stan. Contact me at crvacationhome@hotmail.com

Jul 19, 2011
Ecuador Gold Dredging and Mining
by: Serge

Hello Jack, I would like to come to Ecuador , first to maybe explore suction dredging. Are there possibilities for commercial gold mining?
My e mail is: sagafontsev@gmail.com

Jun 19, 2011
Seeking a Gold Dredging Partner in Ecuador
by: curt

Hello. It looks like Ecuador has a lot to offer in the way of gold. I am interested in partnering up with someone, preferably with dredging experience. I can be reached at: arimathae@gmail.com

Jun 04, 2011
My contact Info
by: Jeff Gomes

My email is jnlgomes@yahoo.com

May 30, 2011
Dredging in Ecuador
by: Jeff

Jeff, Please include your email address in a posting to this forum and we can discuss the possibilities of dredging for gold in Ecuador.

May 26, 2011
Ready for Gold Dredging in Ecuador
by: jeff gomes

Well I have some cash got my next three months clearance and am still looking for some gold dredging adventure. If anyone out there is ready to be partners and needs a hard worker with a little money let me know.I am honest up front and ready to work.

May 22, 2011
by: Whicket Williams

I am going to make my second trip to Ecuador soon. I spent one month there this year I want to do some gold mining south of Zamora. Could you tell me a site to all mining law? I need to translate it to English. I intend to immigrate and need income. I plan to generate a living from mining

May 22, 2011
Looking for a partner
by: Jack

It has been awhile since I checked in and am sorry to see posts to me that I was unaware of. For the last 6 months I have been following up leads, physically inspecting concessions, researching documentation to verify concession's legal status, and finally actually mining a couple of placer concessions. I can tell you it has been a hell of an education. If it was just digging, it would be cake.

Unfortunately the time consuming, boring stuff has to be done first. Fortunately, the gold is definitely here, and it becomes worthwhile when you do a cleanup.I now have written permission from a legal concession owner, and from ARCOM, to conduct exploration and exploitation on a beach loaded with gold. This beach is 400 yards by 800 yards. A year ago a test hole was dug to 30 feet and over 300 hundred grams were produced in aprox. 30 hours of work. I have verified these results. There is gold from the surface down. In areas of exposed gravel, there is no cap to remove. In areas of sand cover it is only several feet deep.

This beach would have been worked long ago, except the concession was not in legal status, and no one thought permission could be obtained as I received. I have made a friend who is the head of enforcement for ARCOM in this region. He has made this possible for me. I have agreed to pay the land owner 10% and the concession owner 10%, both of the gross. The rest is mine.

Don't think coming here and mining is easy. anyone telling you it is is a liar. It is work, and there are challenges almost every day. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. There are options as to how this is worked, small scale or large scale, expensive and cheap. If I had a lot of money, you would not be reading this, as I would not need a partner. Any of you people that are REALLY wanting to do something NOW, not next year or someday, please post a reply or email me direct: jlivings2@hotmail.com right away.

Stan will vouch for me, I do not need or want ten partners just one with some money and his head on straight. Lets talk, and make it soon. I am here and ready to go.

Thanks Stan, for creating this forum, it is always interesting. When are you coming back down to visit?

Apr 02, 2011
I Need Information About Immigration to Ecuador
by: joey kennedy

Do I need a visa and a passport? How long can I stay there and what's the costs for permits an stuff new to gold dredging but its been my dream to do it now retire an looking to go there an check it out an try it any info will be helpful thanks my email is gummyman 2001@yahoo

Stan's response: You can arrive in Ecuador with only a passport. That will allow you to stay for 3 months. During that period you can meet with an immigration lawyer who can explain the different types of permanent residencies and the requirements for each type.

Moving to and living in Ecuador permanently is not very difficult. For me, it was certainly worth the effort.

Apr 02, 2011
Gold Dredging Partners in Ecuador
by: Cliff

Hey Jack, I was in Ecuador some years back. I met a man by the name of Jim. Had his son Adam with him. Nice retired pilot. Wondering if this is the same guy. I had bought a 8"dredge from another American (Ean Megraf) I believe was his name. He was a missionary by trade and a liar by habit he was.

Anyway we stored the dredge in Quito. No idea if it's still there. If this is that Jim, say hello. We might come down if I get a hold of him. Best regards and may the almighty bless. Cliff. #7802471645 In Canada

Mar 21, 2011
Still interested?
by: D Verkley

Hi Jack,

I'm wondering if your still interested in a partner. I moved to Cuenca about 5 months ago and am interested in the opportunity this country has for gold prospectors. I'll admit I don't have any real practical experience, but I have been able to acquire some of the equipment needed (motor, sluice box). If you are still looking to make this happen, as I am, please email me at verkleyd@gmail.com
Talk soon, DV

Stan's response: It looks like there are more and more smart people moving to Ecuador to go gold mining. I think that the timing couldn't be any better than in 2011!!!

Nov 14, 2010
Question About Gold Dredging in Ecuador
by: Jefrey Gomes

How does it work there for dredging for gold. If I buy one of these dredges does it come with a claim or do you just pick spots on the river that are open to the public or are there people with claims that you partner with. I used to work with a friend in California on his dredge and i would love to buy one for myself and work it, maybe even have a partner but the more I look the more difficult I see it is to find good equipment and a good place to use it and a good partner. I am really interested in Ecuador but I have heard they give Americans a really hard time there. Anyway like i said I am really interested in doing something if you can give me some info.

Stan's response: First off, whoever told you that Ecuadorians give Americans a really hard time is an idiot. You need to start getting your information from a reliable source.

Ecuador has a mining law, like all other countries. If you intend to mine gold commercially here, you need to come to Ecuador to conduct a Due Diligence visit. During your visit, you should investigate gold-bearing areas where you might want to work and get a copy of the mining law. Once you are well-armed with the correct information, you can create a mining plan, finance it and get under way.

Oct 16, 2010
Adventurer !
by: R. Nicholas

Jack, I'm interested in the adventures involved with the Oro. Own the usual Gold Prospectors tools. Do good in Alaska. Only short periods of the year are good weather. Looking to retire in a few yrs. Someplace with nice weather and Prospecting availability. Been to Ecuador before. Drove both ways to Manta. Liked the country. Could you drop me an email. Buongone@yahoo.com

Sep 30, 2010
Jack Needs a Gold Mining Partner
by: Dave


I, too, spent some time in Southern Oregon and the Sisqui Mountains of Northern California (Klamath and Scott rivers).

I have been ready for Ecuador for over a year. I have some placer equipment stateside but sounds
like equipment is no problem.

Sure would like to talk to you about working with you.


618-878-9066 or 270-988-2286 phones.

All my travel papers are in order, Lets talk about this.

David Stoner

Sep 16, 2010
Gold Dredge / Gold Dredging in Ecuador
by: Ed Routt


Note: My post regarding Jim's gold dredges and gold mining equipment. Why don't you read the same and get in touch?

Ed / edventure41@msn.com / 503-861-8177

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