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Greetings From Quito Again

I have just posted an exciting new Training Module: Find a Quarter Ounce of Gold per Day!

This new Module teaches you 8 Different Ways to find at least a Quarter Ounce of Gold per Day. There is something here for everyone. If you would like to break free of the Rat Race and get into an adventurous new vocation, then this Module might be just the thing you've been looking for.

I have used each of these methods over the years and each of them has worked extremely well for me. Now I am passing my best Secrets on to YOU!

I also updated our El Dorado photos and videos page with some very interesting new videos. Take a look at all of the steps to setting up a wash plant and really getting down to business quickly. Click here to see the new videos... Check out the nice flow in the sluice box!

Have a Great Weekend!,

Let's Get Wealthy and Adventurous Together!

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P.P.S. Our Free Information Package for our El Dorado Gold Mining project is now available!