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Greetings From Ecuador

I have just posted: Part Five - Here's the Deal... Summarized for You. This is a very straight forward, simplified version of our El Dorado Alluvial Gold Mining Project. I believe it helps to put everything in perspective about the project and exactly what it has to offer.

I also posted a brand new page of photos and videos of the El Dorado project. There are many obvious links on the page to take you to see the new photos. I'll be updating this page regularly as Robert prepares to do a full-scale test of the concession area. His results, could be your results. Let's watch and see what happens!

In the next couple of days, I'll be announcing the posting of a new training module in our Wealthy Explorer's University. The subject will be, "Find One Quarter Ounce of Gold Everyday", Eight Different Ways. I think you'll love it.

Talk Soon!,

Let's Get Wealthy and Adventurous Together!

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P.P.S. Our Free Information Package for our El Dorado Gold Mining project is now available!