The Wealthy Adventurer

Greetings From Ecuador

I'm going to keep this real short today as I hope you are having a very good weekend.

I have just posted an introduction to our project manager, Mr. D. on our web page. Please come have a look. I think you'll quickly see why our El Dorado Gold Mining Project is destined for some great success.

Meet Mr. D!

The Free Information Package is being sent out today. If you have signed up for a copy and don't receive it by tonight, please let me know.

Videos of Mr. D's bulk testing program will be out soon. This will give you a chance to see exactly what 10 fortunate gold miners will be up to soon right at the same exact site.

See you back soon,

Let's Get Wealthy and Adventurous Together!

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P.P.S. Our Free Information Package for our El Dorado Gold Mining project is now available!