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Happy Tuesday!

Part 3 of our El Dorado story has just been published. You’ll see how the location of our gold mining project is directly connected to the ancient lost city of Logrono. Ever since the massacre of 1599, this extremely rich area has been "off limits" to outsiders. The history is fascinating, especially for us gold lovers.

You can read Part 3 here...

I also briefly discussed the upcoming Due Diligence Tours that have been organized for serious project candidates. The tours will begin at the very end of this month. I look forward to picking you up at the airport here in Quito. It’ll be a blast.

I must ask a favor, please. I have been receiving way too many private emails requesting more details. I can’t quite keep up with it all now so please post your questions on our Forum at the bottom of the page. I will try to answer in as much detail as I am allowed to this week.

I had originally hoped to already have posted Module 1 in The Wealthy Adventurer’s Guide to the Good Life by now. Unfortunately, the gold mining project has been taking up nearly all of my time. Please know that it will get done at the earliest possible moment.

I’ll be back to you on Thursday with a new post where I will introduce you to Mr. D the gold mining project owner. I think you will like him a lot, as I do.

The Free Information Package for the gold mining project should be ready on the weekend. If you are interested in receiving a copy of it, please submit your information in the box provided.

See you back on Thursday,

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