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Greetings From El Dorado!

We are now entering into Phase II of our El Dorado Alluvial Gold Mining Project. Two concession areas have already been sold. They will each be in profitable daily gold production by November 25, give or take a few days. Photos and videos of these operations will begin being posted in December.

The next Due Diligence Visit is scheduled and already filled up. It will take place during the second week of December. We have 3 people who will be attending. If their reaction is anything like the first 2 attendees, the first half of this project will already be sold out before the New Year even begins.

We expect that sales of the last half of the project will likely take place with those who are already on site mining as they will want to expand their production in the coming year. If you are thinking of getting in on this amazingly profitable opportunity, I would urge you to take some pretty serious action in the very near future. I am always available on the Forum and by email to answer your questions and help make this opportunity a reality for you.

Come see the new photos of Phase II!

The new photos are near the bottom of the page.

Whenever you need to communicate with me directly or personally, please always use my Yahoo e-mail address. If you have had any problems with your new purchase of the "Quarter Ounce of Gold per Day" downloads, please let me know immediately

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