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A "Private" Game Changer Video & a 1-on-1 Skype Chat with Me
May 05, 2016

Good Morning & Get Excited!

There is so much going on right now, my head is spinning. When this happens, it is time to chunk things out and eat that elephant, one bite at a time.

First bite...

I just saw a private video that is truly a Game Changer. It rocked me strongly. Through a little creative keyboard manipulation, I am able to share this video with you today, but only for a short while. If you recognize any of these names, you may be as excited to see this as I was... Peter Diamandis, Joe Polish and Tony Robbins. If you know what "10X" is, check out the video right away while it is up.

See the Video Here on our Club's main page

password: private-member

Second bite...

I have recently changed my Merchant Services Payment Provider to 2Checkout. They are worlds better for me due to my unique circumstances of living where I do. They are also quite strict about approving digital products to be sold. Yesterday, I was finally able to receive final approval for all of my current digital products as well as new digital products that will be released very soon. Phew... this is a game changer too.

I am celebrating this new approval for a short time. I am doing something I have never done before. As a way of thanking my new customers, I am including a one-on-one, Skype conversation about the newly purchased digital product. I am offering more in-depth, verbal information, custom made to suit your needs. I am also offering to send more targeted information, depending on the conversation, at no additional cost.

Obviously, my time is a bit limited these days so I won’t be able to offer this bonus for a very long time into the future. If you would like to have a personal chat with me this month about gold prospecting, treasure hunting, living off-grid, or any other adventurous topic, buy the package! Here is a list...

How & Where to find Gold in Ecuador

The Ultimate Ecuador Gold & Treasure Map Package

The Complete Historical Ecuador Mining Documents Collection

Fight Dirty & Win Fast!

6 Ways to Make $6,000 per Month on Auto-Pilot

Outrageous Cheap & Free Travel Secrets

Third bite...

I am in the process of changing my e-mail service provider. I have had some problems in getting my newsletters to you the way that I want. I will also be cleaning my list and removing subscribers who never open the newsletters. I ask for your patience in this transition. I will be sending you a few more emails than normal in the coming weeks while testing the new system. I promise to send you valuable stuff in each email, so please continue to check each of them out.

If you like receiving more frequent emails packed with solid and adventurous information, please let me know.

May you have a great upcoming weekend and discover new ways to 10X your life!


Private Club House Entry Here

password: private-member

Take a look at the new Video Training Room.

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