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I Should Probably Be Dead Right Now
June 09, 2016

Good Morning.

I should probably be dead right now.

I apologize for not being in touch for the last few weeks. Sadly, I had an extreme personal tragedy and near-death experience occur in my life a few weeks ago. As they say, "It was a real game changer".

I am still here. I am still trying to wrap my head around it all. I am still trying to return to some form of normality. It will take a while. I thank some of my closest friends who have been such a huge source of help and support through this experience. You know who you are. Eventually, I will be able to speak more openly about the details of what happened.

Meanwhile, life does go on. As I have been deeply contemplating the meaning of my life for as long as it may last, a few huge lightbulbs have come on for me. My mission for the remainder of my life has become crystal clear. Most things haven’t changed much, but a few things have changed a lot.

I am now redoubling my efforts to help people to become free and independent. I want to help people to avoid some of the big mistakes I have made in my life. I also want to help people to shortcut their way to success in whatever way they see the meaning of success for them.

To this end, I would like to talk with you about some important changes that are coming up for us as members of the Wealthy Adventurer’s Club. First off, I will be spending much more of my daily time in writing and creating new content. Consequently, you will soon begin to receive more frequent newsletters and emails from me.

I have recently subscribed to a new email provider that is far more sophisticated than my current service. This new provider will help me to better target the exact kind of information, content and help that you most want to receive from me. The quality of my emails to you should soon improve dramatically.

In my next few emails to you, I will be providing a new subscription box for you to fill in with your first name and email address. I will also offer you an incentive for your efforts to re-subscribe with me. I promise to make it worth your effort to stay with me. I have a lot of new things to share with you over the coming weeks and months.

Thanks for your patience during our transition. Thanks for being a friend and a member of our Club!

Warm Regards,


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