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Hello Again! from Stan in Quito

I have just been way too busy lately and I am taking aggressive measures to make some changes. Speaking of being busy and making changes… You should see the brand new Wealthy Adventurer’s University! I have been super busy finishing the new wing, painting the walls and polishing the floors. Please slip on over and take a peek when you have a chance. take a peek here...

Of course, much remains to be done, but the roof is on now and I can slow the construction pace a bit. Please allow me to highlight just a couple of things worth noticing at the present moment.

First, I have created The Adventure Bookstore. It is full of interesting, unique and inexpensive titles for you. To help celebrate, I have added a new, free gift for you entitled,

Emergency Cash Today!

I hope you like it. The download link is also at the bottom of this newsletter. This new e-book is to help those of you who are currently struggling a bit financially. It can be a real life saver!

Second, it has become necessary for me to set up a new Coaching & Consulting business due to literally hundreds of requests coming in for more information about gold prospecting, mining, and general exploration in Ecuador and around Latin America. Many people are moving here permanently too. This way, I’ll be able to help people who are really serious about all of this great adventure stuff.

I have created a complete list of the types of things I may be able to help you with. It can all be found on a new page I have set up. I call it...

The Office

Here, as you will see, I offer you a FREE 20-minute jam session on Skype with me. We can discuss anything you like. After we speak, you’ll know if I can help you with your situation or not. If I can, you will see that I have posted various packages with different amounts of blocks of time that you can purchase.

To kick things off, I am offering a deep, 50% discount to my first 3 clients, or until June 12, whichever comes first. I already have one client, so if this is something you may be interested in, you might want to consider it soon.

Last of all, I have created a new Lecture Hall. This is where I will be kicking off a new series of blogs about current adventures and projects that I am working on. This is going to be a ton of fun. In my first project, I will be going in search of some extremely rich silver veins that are not far from Quito, based on long-forgotten documents that are hundreds of years old. I will take you every step of the way with me, from the research, to the preparation for the field right on through to the discovery, if all goes well!

Hopefully, we will learn lots of new things together. I look forward to your input, comments and questions in our Forums. Beside the Silver Vein project, I have lots of other projects I’ve been waiting to get around to and this is going to be the perfect opportunity for us to get on with them right away.

I’ll be back to you again very soon, maybe even by the weekend!

Let's Get Wealthy and Adventurous Together in 2011!



P.S. Here are the current FREE bonuses for being a newsletter subscriber. This list will be growing over the coming months as I discover and post new resources for you.

Emergency Cash Today!

Ancient Mysterious Gold Library .zip file download