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Come Visit Your New Wealthy Adventurer’s Clubhouse!
January 08, 2016

The Wealthy Adventurer

Greetings from the Mountain!

How is the New Year going for you so far? Have you been out searching for some gold yet this year? If so, we want to hear all about it in our new Community Forum.

Which brings me to the main purpose of this message...

I am very excited to invite and welcome you to come see your new Clubhouse. I think you’ll find some things you really like and that you find useful. Please let me know in the forum if you see something missing that would interest you.

Most importantly, this is only the first version of the Club. We have so many plans and ideas that are in the works for major improvements and growth. I expect to be making regular announcements of new additions over the coming weeks and months.

A number of these excellent ideas are coming directly from our newsletter subscribers, you. I received more than 35 unsolicited emails this last week with great comments and ideas. Thanks! This is amazing.

With your help, I think we can turn this Club into a blockbuster resource for helping to change and improve peoples’ lives (especially our own!).

Here is the link for getting into the Club:

Clubhouse Entry Link...

You must use this exact (with the dash between words) password to gain entry: private-member

I have already left a few of my own comments in the forum. I look forward to being in close touch with you this year!



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