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Good Morning from Quito!

TGIF! What are your plans for the weekend? Do you have anything adventurous planned? I hope so. I know that I do. Can’t wait.

I have really gone and done it now! I received so much feedback from my last newsletter concerning the rich beach placers and gold-bearing rivers on the coast of Ecuador, that I have gone and done something that is probably pretty stupid. I decided to really let it rip and share 95% of all of my secrets from many years of research and field work. Let my brief lapse in judgment be your gain.

Over the decades, I have accumulated a huge reference library and file cabinet full of old documents, maps, charts and newspaper clippings. These resources have been my “Secret Weapon” for successfully finding and exploiting gold deposits and treasure sites all over the country. Early on, I learned the importance and role that research plays before expecting success in the field.

I’ve only told a few people this story… About 25 years ago, I “acquired” a very rare, alluvial gold analysis map of the entire country of Ecuador. It was prepared by a team of government geologist who spent 10 years traveling around the country, sampling all of the rivers and streams for gold. The result was a huge map including hundreds of analyzed sites. Each surface sample reveals an exact value in grams to the cubic meter. Some sample sites are poor in gold and a number of them are very rich. How would you like to have a look at this map?

Now you can not only see this map, you can own your own, high-resolution copy of it. What’s more, I really went over the top and went ahead and plotted Documented Treasure Sites, Sunken Spanish Treasure Galleon sites, Beach Placer Gold Sites, Pirate Treasure sites and even a lot more! I don’t know what got into me, but once I got started, I couldn’t stop until all the bleeding was done.

Go have a look for yourself at the web page that shows exactly what I have gone and done. What’s even worse, I decided to offer the first 15 e-packages at a greatly reduced Introductory Price. As soon as the first 15 e-packages are gone, I’ll immediately raise the price to a little closer to where it should be. Hopefully, I’ll come to my senses soon and remove this offer all together. It really shouldn’t be out in the public.

Please Note: This is a highly specialized, Advanced Information Product and is really mostly for very serious researchers and explorers in the field. It was not created as a simple information product for the general public. That is why the price is slightly higher than the rest of my inexpensive information products found in the Wealthy Adventurer's University

The Ultimate Ecuador
Gold & Treasure Map Package

See what you think. Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy this new information. More importantly, I hope it helps you to move toward a life of more adventure and personal freedom.

Have a Great Weekend!

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P.S. You can download the NEW Ancient Mysterious Gold Library here below...

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