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Old Jungle Gold Mine, Murder, Secret Formula for Gold & Platinum Recovery, Interactive Floor Plan, &
January 27, 2016

The Wealthy Adventurer

Greetings from Above the Clouds!

My View This Morning

Please notice that I have just re-posted the same photo of "My View This Morning" in this newsletter. There is an extremely interesting story behind this. You will soon understand when you read down the page a bit.

Meanwhile, I have been in the process of diligently working to prepare the launch of the "Life-Changing Event" to which I alluded last week. However, as I was upgrading our new Clubhouse on the weekend, I noticed that the page was growing out of control. It was about 75-feet long and becoming quite inconvenient to scroll.

I did a quick calculation of priorities and decided to remodel the Clubhouse first. As you can see here below, I created an interactive floor plan that allows you to move about the 5 Clubhouse rooms with a single mouse click on the room that you want to visit next. (you can go ahead and click on a room now if you wish)

password: private-member

So far, this floor plan navigation format only works in the Clubhouse. If you like it and it works well, I will convert the entire Wealthy Adventurer’s University to the same format. Please let me know what you think in our Community Forum.

Now that the Clubhouse is a bit simpler to navigate, I will immediately return to preparing the "big event" that I have been working on for more than 5 years. It should be ready very soon. I’ll send you a brief invitation link as soon as possible.

A quick update for the week:

We have a new Video Training room for you to visit. It will continue to grow over time. I hope you like some of the first videos I posted. They cover a range of important topics about finding gold.

I added a new e-book of Treasure Hunting articles in the Reading Room. It is a classic Fisher’s catalog from 2005. Also, many more articles have been added to the Wealthy Adventurer’s News Magazine. Read about gold prospecting, treasure hunting, finding diamonds and fossils. There are also new articles about Adventure Travel.

Last, but not least, is my newest blog entry:

January 27, 2016

I was going to publish an entirely different blog today. I have been working on it for a few days now. However, that idea changed instantly due to an email I received early this morning when I arose. One of the things I love about managing our Wealthy Adventurer’s Club is that I get to be in touch with amazing and interesting people. So many of you have important stories to share with us.

The following story is a most incredible example of a shared, personal story!

I have been privately corresponding with one of our members over the last month or so. It all started with a brief mention of her grandfather, Wilhelm, who had come to Ecuador for gold, more than 100 years ago. My interest was piqued immediately. I wanted to know more. I asked her to send me more details. She did.

I am publishing this story without her permission as there was not enough time to receive it. I feel very moved to share her story with you as soon as possible. So, I am XXX'ing out names and any information that will help to protect her anonymity. Hopefully, she will positively answer the email request I sent her this morning, asking for her permission to share her story. Fingers crossed and nails bitten...

Here is her response to my initial email requesting more details about her grandfather:

(please click on the Stan’s Blog room to continue reading this fascinating story...)

password: private-member

What a story! For me, this story had to be shared with you today. I just couldn’t wait. I feel awe inspired and motivated. Time is our greatest commodity and persistence is one of our greatest assets. I hope you have a great week as you persistently move in the direction of your most adventurous goals…


Clubhouse Entry Link...

password: private-member


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