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Hello From Quito!

This is just a brief note today to let you know of two new Free Training Modules that I have recently posted this weekend.

The first new module is entitled: How & Where to Find Gold in Ecuador. Check out the topographic map showing several very rich rivers on the coast. The corresponding beach placers are beyond belief. (similar to Nome, Alaska) This is a cool and comfortable way to live and work in Ecuador (while you sip Margaritas ) on the beach. Check out the gold values right there in the sand!

The second new training module is called: Fight Dirty & Win Fast. This important Training Course teaches you how to instantly defend yourself against any street punk as you travel the world. Watch 3 videos that show you how simple it is to take down a big guy with slightly more than a gentle touch.

I hope you enjoy this new information. More importantly, I hope it helps you to move toward a life of more adventure and personal freedom.

Let's Get Wealthy and Adventurous Together in 2011!



P.S. You can download the NEW Ancient Mysterious Gold Library here below...

Ancient Mysterious Gold Library .zip file download