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January 20, 2016

The Wealthy Adventurer

Greetings from 11,000 ft. above the Sea!

Despite the various challenges of living on a mountaintop, off-grid, we were still able to make some good progress in the Clubhouse this week. I have a number of news items to share with you today of things that are already in place. I also have a few hints of big things that are coming right up in a few short days.

A true story...

There once was an aspiring Wealthy Adventurer. At a fairly young age he became obsessed with the search for gold. It all started on that memorable day in November when he first spotted an alluring, little sparkle of gold in his pan at Sutter’s Mill. As a result, his life would eventually take a completely unexpected direction, much to the chagrin of family and friends.

The next decade, after that initial sparkle of gold, was conflicted. The aspiring Adventurer had been raised and programmed to “follow the herd” of university, marriage, family, mortgage and job. Deep in his heart, he always knew that something else awaited him; he knew that something amazing would eventually unfold. While going through the motions of life, behind the scenes, an alternate reality was slowly forming. When the time of transformation finally arrived, it was painful and difficult. Leaving the old behind and walking through the door to a new life is scary, but at the end of the day, it was never even an option...

Welcome to my new Adventure Blog! Over time, I will be sharing my greatest heartbreaks as well as my greatest discoveries. I hope you like it, but more importantly, I hope you can glean some tidbits of wisdom that you can apply to your own life. Click here below to read this week’s brand new Adventure Blog...

Clubhouse Entry Link...

password: private-member

The activity in our new Community Forum has been fast and furious (in a good way). The contributions and stories are growing so fast that I was forced to place a special Google search box just above the Comments area. Now you can search for specific content and the most recent posts. We are seeing some great posts from our "Old-Timers" group. Their posts are packed with the wisdom and insights from a lifetime of adventures and experience. I am an Old Timer myself and even I am learning some new tricks from them!

One important feature of the Community Forum is that when you make a contribution, however brief, you can then check the Notification Boxes . This will allow you to be automatically notified when someone responds to your post or when someone leaves a new post or comment. Please come introduce yourself and please check those little boxes.

A few days ago I posted some new, Unique Tools for The Wealthy Adventurer. The Prepared Wealthy Adventurer’s Treasure Map is a very general guide of some of the directions we will be taking in our Club this year. The plan is designed to give us some good balance as we each move in the direction of becoming more Adventurous and more Wealthy.

I will be sharing many more specific Treasure Maps with you as our plan evolves in coming weeks. I also posted a blank, Do-It-Yourself Treasure Map & Checklist if you care to play around with them. Just click on any image that interests you. You can then either open or save the full-size pdf document.

Clubhouse Entry Link...

password: private-member

I have posted an old/new e-book for you to look over. It is about the Father Crespi Collection. I will have much more to say about this highly controversial subject in the future. This story is also closely connected to the Tayos Cave and Ancient Metallic Library enigma.

Our Wealthy Adventurer Magazine now contains 134 articles. I have posted quite a few new articles in just the last few days.

Last of all, but most importantly, I will soon be launching a new and potentially life-changing event and opportunity in the next few days. It may not be of interest to everyone in our club. However, I believe it will be of great interest to those of us who need a boost and a path in the direction of becoming free and independent of The System.

This is something I have been working on for more than five years. It is tested and proven. This could serve as "a dream come true" for you as it has for me. I want this new launch to be very small and quiet. Eventually, it will grow to be something very large and loud.

When the time arrives (perhaps this weekend or soon after), I will email you a brief message with a link. If you are interested, you can click on the link and come visit what I will have waiting for you.

Sorry for the long newsletter this week. I promise to keep it smaller and simpler next week.

A big toast to you, our upcoming adventures and our greater wealth...


Clubhouse Entry Link...

password: private-member


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