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January 03, 2017

Awesome News!

As I mentioned in my last message to you, I have subscribed to a new, more sophisticated e-mail provider. There is both good news and also a little bad news.

Please click here to go to the "New Subscription" Page

Unfortunately, the bad news is that I need to ask you to please sign up for a new subscription with me. This will get you started and open the door for many months and years of exciting and adventurous content like you have never seen before.

Oh, yeah, the other good news is that this new sign-up will automatically trigger the "20 Secrets to Adventurous Success" series that I mentioned (and much more). I promise, this will be a huge game changer for us all. You will love it!

Please click on the link below to go to the new sign-up page. I’ll only need your first name (or nickname) and your best e-mail address.

Then, I will need to ask you to please confirm your new subscription with me as soon as the "Confirmation e-mail" arrives.

After that, you will automatically receive the first issue of the all new Wealthy Adventurer from me. See you over on the other side with more of my story and a whole lot more!

Please click here to go to the "New Subscription" Page

Warm Regards,


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