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Have an Excellent Weekend!

I have prepared a small gift for you this weekend. I think you'll probably like it because I do. I assume that you and I have some common tastes when it comes to adventure.

Real Men (& Real Women too)

Please click on the link above for direct download (73 megs)
You may have to exercise some patience for the large pdf.

Please take note of the $1 Million Dollar Treasure in the Swamp of Death. Now remember, this was the value of the treasure back in February of 1967. Ok, Ok, yes, I realize that some of these old adventure and treasure stories were perhaps, a little embellished. That said, it has been my personal experience that most of these stories do have a basis in fact.

I bet that if you were to do a little research, you could even find out more specific information about this story. And if you ever do follow it up for real, remember, there are awesome deposits of diamonds in Venezuela to check out too. I mean, as long as you are already there, you might as well take the time to pay for your trip with some diamonds. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this vintage magazine.

Please be forewarned, there are some rather sexy photos in the magazine that are strictly intended for adults.

I appreciate all of the interest in my most recent e-package:

The Ultimate Ecuador
Gold & Treasure Map Package

We have sold a little more than the allotted number of introductory packages that I mentioned last week and I will need to be raising the price this weekend. If you are interested in getting a copy, today would be a very good time. For those of you who liked the Ecuador Gold & Treasure Map Collection, just wait until you see what I have coming up for you next!!!

Have a Great Weekend!

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P.S. You can download the NEW Ancient Mysterious Gold Library here below...

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