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Warm Greetings from Stan in Quito

It is already the weekend again. Isn’t it amazing how time flies?

El Dorado Project

If you were interested in the El Dorado Alluvial Gold Mining Project but weren’t able to take action before the project became fully subscribed and closed to new participants, this may be of interest to you. I am currently working on opening a new project at a location near the old one. We are in discussions with several concession owners who are interested in working with us to offer a new opportunity. This project would be similar to the last in that it would be open to about 10 participants. I’ll keep you posted on the new developments as they happen.


My New Electronic Archive!

I have been working on a project that has spanned more than 20 years. It has finally become a reality and I am, of course, very excited. I have been collecting documents, books, maps and information about the mining history of Ecuador over the years. My archives and library are out of control. I finally took action on my dream and scanned absolutely everything I have collected using “optical character recognition technology”. Yes, it certainly was a pain in the back to finally complete this gigantic project, but it is done, thousands of manual corrections later.

The beautiful result is a document of over 500 pages that is completely searchable by keyword and able to be copied and pasted into a Translation Tool such as what Google offers for free on the internet. All of a sudden, this opens up an incredible new opportunity to discover long-lost and forgotten sites that are explosively profitable at today’s precious metal prices.

For example, the moment I finished this project, I immediately typed in keyword place-names such as: Quito, Pichincha, Zamora, Cuenca, etc. I was totally blown away at the ancient, detailed information that immediately popped out of my computer screen. This is information that I have had stored away for decades and had not even had a clue about so many of the incredibly important sites and details.

When I pulled out some of my modern topographical maps and began plotting the information from my new electronic document collection, I immediately identified a half-dozen sites close to where I live in Quito where nearly pure silver was recovered from rich veins in the 1600’s and 1700’s. The local Natives used to pay their taxes with these chunks of nearly pure silver that they had obtained nearby. In coming newsletters I’ll take you along with me as I systematically explore these sites and attempt to rediscover the forgotten, rich silver veins.

After all these years of living in Quito,

Please go read my history of how I collected these documents and have now turned them into an electronic archive document. Take a look at the photos too.

The Complete Ecuador Historical Mining Documents Collection

Please note the most interesting and secret connection to what the Jesuits are up to in rediscovering many of these locations too. Talk about something right out of The Da Vinci Code!

I hope you enjoy this new information and that you feel inspired to put more and more Adventure into your life and to do it in a way that makes you Wealthy!

Have a Great Weekend!

Let's Get Wealthy and Adventurous Together in 2011!



P.S. You can download the NEW Ancient Mysterious Gold Library here below...

Ancient Mysterious Gold Library .zip file download