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I Found Gold, Treasure & a Lost City!
February 05, 2013

The Wealthy Adventurer

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Greetings from Ecuador!

How have you been? Long time, no see. I guess that is my fault. Sorry. I am very glad to be back with you.

I have been a busy boy over the past year. I have been busy filling my adventure reservoir so that I am brimming with new adventures to share with you.

Over the past year I have discovered gold, treasure and new lost cities. I have traveled thousands of kilometers down difficult and dusty roads in search of adventure. I have captured hundreds of photos and hours of video footage to share with you. Don’t worry, I promise to unload it on you slowly.

I have also been busy remodeling The Wealthy Adventurer’s University. There is a new look and feel in the halls. I am anxious for you to take a look. Perhaps I can point out a few of the additions and then you can roam around from there.

That said, the remodeling has only begun. We are still a long ways from our planned goal.

Many new things have been added to the Adventure Lecture Hall . Here you will find the latest news from around the world. I have hand-picked these items because they are full of tips and tricks that may help you in your own pursuit of adventure. Here are the links for you to go have a look:

Gold Prospecting & Small Mining.

Treasure Hunting

Exploration of Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries

Survival - Wilderness & Urban

Living Adventurously in Ecuador

Stan's Latest Adventures - This is my blog where I will regularly fill you in on my latest news. I will be entering a new post there by this weekend.

I hope you enjoy what you see in this edition. I’ll be back to you again soon with more. Below, I have posted a very brief trailer of a video I will be sharing with you soon. It is about a gold discovery I am working on. In my next newsletter, I will reveal why I think it will become the largest gold mine in the history of the world!

Health, Wealth & Adventure!



P.S. Here are the current FREE bonuses for being a newsletter subscriber. This list will be growing over the coming months as I discover and post new resources for you.

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