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Just Discovered - The Richest Gold Mine in the World!
February 19, 2013

The Wealthy Adventurer

Sunny Greetings from Quito!

The richest gold mine in the world? Please keep reading...

I am currently traveling to several destinations around Ecuador. Our first stop here is in Quito. We're meeting with my lawyer about the legalities of a project I am contemplating. If we get the “go ahead”, I’ll be sharing more information with you next month about it, including a map and photos.

Then, we’re off to the coast in a few days to investigate reports of a mysterious cave that is reported to be full of ancient writing and petroglyphs. There are reports of an underwater lost city and numerous UFO sightings in the immediate area too. I’ll remain skeptical until I see some evidence of all of this. My next newsletter will include a full report with any evidence we find.

This week I want to introduce you to the details my current gold project. I am pretty excited as this is the best gold mining project I have ever seen before. We are 80% financed and have made huge progress over the past year. We are now completing our financing with several last investors. Are you interested in taking a look? Check out the details and see our recently completed video here.

Next, I want to fill you in on some updates at the Wealthy Adventurer’s University. Here is what’s new in the Lecture Hall:

Would you like to see a short video of some award winning gold nuggets? These babies are huge! See where they were found and who found them. Take a peek.

I just love to watch treasure hunters work in real-time. This week, I want to share a beautifully made video of a successful treasure hunter at work. In this video you will see where to go and how to do it. Watch the gold and silver coming out of the ground in real-time. Check it out.

Bigfoot is alive!!! I have been waiting to see the proof for decades. The irrefutable, scientific evidence has arrived. The DNA testing reveals a rather earth shattering result. Come look at the astounding evidence for yourself.

Have you ever heard about places in the world where people live to a very old age? I’ve been visiting one of these places for the last 25 years. I’ve talked to many old people there and asked about their lifestyle. Come learn more about this place. Have a look at Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Many countries around the world are going broke. If you don’t think this condition could happen in your country, think again. Have a look at this sad video clip of people trampling each other, just to get a small morsel of food. Not many years ago, the country in this video looked like a prosperous paradise. This is only a small example of what is going on in thousands of cities and dozens of countries around the world right now. I call this "Get prepared right now!".

Last week I mentioned a gift that I want to share with you about how to find gold near where you are in the world right now. As I began to prepare the information, I quickly realized that I needed to create a special web page with nearly a dozen screen shots in order to share this information clearly. I have now completed the screen shots but still have not finished creating the web page. As soon as I return from my current trip, I will finish the project and get it into your hands. I promise, the wait will be worth it. Thanks for your patience with me.

Here’s to Health, Wealth & Adventure,



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