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Find Gold & Treasure with Stan in 2016! Huge Update Coming
December 21, 2015

The Wealthy Adventurer

Happy Holidays from us at

The Wealthy Adventurer!

I am sending you great positive energy to enjoy a fun-filled and abundant New Year. I will be doing everything possible to help you fulfill that wish in 2016.

So many things have changed and improved since I was last in touch with you.

The last few years have been a whirlwind of activity. I was running gold mining projects, full-time, in several locations which took up all of my time and energy. Finally, I was able to slowly extract myself from the day-to-day operations.

The last year has been spent building an adobe, mountaintop, off-grid home in a beautiful part of Ecuador, not far from Cuenca. That project is now finally complete.

I have already begun to dedicate a significant part of my time to completely remodeling my websites which will help people to become more free and independent in 2016. To this end, I am in the process of creating a line of interactive, multimedia products that are both fun and instructive to use.

Our main topics of interest for the New Year will be to show you how you can quickly find more gold and treasure. We’ll also pay plenty of attention to showing you how to build adventurous, portable freedom machine incomes that allow you to live and work anywhere in the world you want. In addition, I’ll be sending you lots of tips about how to prepare for the difficult and turbulent times that are upon us.

Lastly, we will systematically begin exploring and documenting the 7 Lost Cities of El Dorado in 2016. We'll be visiting archaeological ruins, panning lots of gold and searching for lost treasure caches.

All of this news and all of the details of the past few years will shortly become available on The Wealthy Adventurer’s University website. Please stay tuned!

To Our Health, Wealth & Adventure,



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