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I hope that you are well and keeping warm this week. If you are cold, you really should consider visiting me in sunny, perpetually spring-like, Quito sometime. From my balcony at home, I can see the white tips of three different volcanoes. That snow will likely be melted by noon. Fortunately, it is warm in the valley.

The following, as you know, is not something that I would ordinarily do. I won’t likely do it again anytime soon. I apologize if this is offensive to you. Today I have made a bit of a difficult decision to send you a link to a pretty disturbing and controversial video. I thought long and hard about whether to send this to you or not. In the end, I went ahead and decided to just go ahead and send it.

This link was sent to me by one of my favorite subscribers. He, as I, understands the need for us to prepare ourselves for some likely bumps in the road that are possibly just around the corner. This video explains why our El Dorado Alluvial Gold Mining Project is so timely.

Just so you know, I actually took the time and effort to investigate the majority of the video’s content. I didn’t want to share unverified information with you. You might want to do the same checking as I did, if you can stand it. The video is not exactly short but I urge you to watch as much of it as you can tolerate...

I have NO financial interest in this video whatsoever. The following is NOT an affiliate link.

Please allow time for the video to load. If it doesn't load at first, simply click one more time.

Get Ready! Be Prepared!

If, after watching the video you have any comments for me, I am all ears. Please enter your questions and comments in one of our Forums on my website. See the Forum links below. I am already a subscriber to this excellent service and support their work. I have all of their publications.

I have already designed and created my own personal situation here in Ecuador to address all of the issues and concerns you see in the video. I may be able to offer you some answers or suggestions on our Forums about how you can make similar preparations for yourself.

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On a lighter note… below I have posted a question and answer from one of my skeptical subscribers about the El Dorado Gold Mining Project. Since this is such a common question, I thought you might enjoy reading my response it:


Hi Stan, I have talked to several people about this mining operation opportunity and they asked me why doesn't the concession owner just work the 10 sub-concessions himself if it’s so profitable? I thought that this was a good question...

Stan's response: First off Jim, the concession owner is a local Native that does not have the funds to develop the project himself. That is why he accepted the opportunity that Robert proposed to him to work together.

The project owner, Robert Demes, is a very smart man. He has enjoyed tremendous success over the years in developing large projects in Latin America. A little investigation on the internet reveals that everyone who has ever participated in Robert's projects has made a lot of money too.

Robert has a personal plan that he has shared with me. As he approaches retirement age, he has structured his affairs in a strategic way so that our El Dorado gold mining project can continue well into the future, even when he is no longer physically present at the site.

While I am not at liberty to share all of the details of Robert's personal strategies, I can say that they make complete and total sense. And fortunately for those of us who are participating in this project, we have the opportunity to share a nice piece of the pie with Robert as others have in Robert's former projects.

In essence, Robert has created yet another "win-win-win" business opportunity for those of us who wish to participate with him. This will likely be his last and biggest project of them all. As of December 15, 2010, six of the ten concessions have been purchased and paid for. Only four concessions remain available.

I might add, so far, everyone who has visited the site in conducting their Due Diligence has purchased one or more concessions. I think that says a lot about the profitability of the project.


I will have a small gift for you in next week’s newsletter so please keep an eye out for that. I hope you have a good rest of the week and don’t get too stressed out with the holiday rush and all.

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