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April 28, 2016

Good Morning Adventurous One!

I hope your week is going well and according to plan. Speaking of plans, what do you have planned as your next adventure? Are you planning a day trip somewhere, or are you planning something more extensive? Are you planning to visit a place where you have never been before, or will you be returning to familiar surroundings? What are you planning to do, explore or discover? I, and we, as your fellow adventurers, would love it if you could please share your thoughts and plans in our Community Forum. Your thoughts and plans may just provide us with some explosive inspiration!

I recently had yet another complete computer crash. I am fairly brutal and aggressive with my online research and investigations. I often enter into "dangerous digital territory" where demons and viruses lurk. Fortunately, with each crash, I get a little smarter about keeping all of my data backed up regularly. So far, my digital library contains about 6 terabytes of wild and strange reference materials and resources. The deep, dark web truly holds some amazing secrets.

Anyway, while I was reinstalling my Google Earth Pro, I got a little side-tracked and began place-marking a bunch of data and sites that I had never gotten around to plotting before. Three hours passed like ten minutes. Some people call this "getting into The Flow". About 2 hours into my Flow, something pretty amazing began to emerge; something I had not really noticed before.

Some years ago, I had discovered an obscure report written by a British geologist who had done several years of preliminary work and investigation in south-central Ecuador. He discovered what he called a “gold belt” running through the eastern flank of the Andes mountain range. This belt runs from the Paute River in the north, down to the Yucuambi River in the south. This southern border includes the famous, historical Shincata mining district. This British geologist claimed in the report that this may be the richest and most concentrated complex of gold deposits in the world!

For about 3 years, I have been traveling through several parts of this region. On numerous occasions I have stopped to pan the rivers that drain this gold belt, rivers flowing both to the east (into the Amazon jungle) and to the west (eventually draining into the Pacific Ocean). To be perfectly honest, I have always found gold in every single pan, never a miss. I always knew this was a great area, in general, that needs a whole lot more investigation. I still find it very weird that this remains one of the least explored regions in the world. Who knows what all is up in those mountains?

Once I finished plotting all of that data that I have acquired over the last few years, a huge, clear image popped out of exactly where I need to go on my next day trip. I have just spotted a relatively small, highly-likely target area where I may just find my next El Dorado! And it is only about a 2-hour drive from my home! I will be sure to keep you posted with maps and photos as I make my way up into that mountain soon.

Meanwhile, I am under a tight deadline to finish up a few website projects in the office before I can give myself the freedom to go exploring again. I’ll soon be sharing those website projects with you too.

I recently posted a new photo album of our house construction project that took place over the last year. You can see the album in the Club Reading Room: click here to visit the Club Reading Room It is the last e-book of the 8 book collection there. This was certainly one of the most challenging projects of my life, especially since I knew nothing about building a house. And, yes, we are looking for a new neighbor or two if you are interested.

While you are in the Club Reading Room, check out all of the new stories I have added to our Wealthy Adventurer’s New Magazine. Lots of fun stuff there.

I hope you have a great rest of the week. And I hope you share your thoughts and plans of your next adventure with us!

See you back here soon... Stan

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