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Greetings from the Equator!

Well, well, well… look who is back again. Hi there, remember me? I sure hope so. Wow, do we have some catching up to do. Don’t worry, I’ll have to do it in chunks because I know you’re really not into reading a novel right now.

How have you been? What’s new? I would love to hear about some of your latest adventures. In fact, later in this newsletter, I’ll be asking you to share with me.

First off today, I have a great big juicy gift for you. I may be more excited about this gift than you are because I know where it comes from and how rare it is. In coming newsletters, I’ll be telling you more about this gift and its history. You’ll be pretty amazed, I think.

Today, I’m giving you a map from the rare and famous Hack Atlas map collection. This map covers the entire west coast of South America right up into Mexico. It was created in 1685. In the Hack Atlas collection, we discover the approximate locations of many sunken treasure galleons, usually in shallow waters. Here is a thumbnail size of the map...

Click here to see a larger version
in our Ancient Map Room

Anyway, when you download the zip file, you will find 1 copy of the map in a .psd format for Photoshop and also you will find a .jpg version. I included both formats for those who do and do not have Photoshop. The Photoshop version is of a higher quality. The map is approximately 20” X 16” and makes an awesome, framed artwork to hang on your wall.

Here is the Hack Atlas Map download link...

Grab your map soon because I'll be taking it down as soon as my next gift is ready for you...

I sure hope you enjoy this map half as much as my map partners (Rick and Neil) and I enjoy sharing it with you.

Some of you may remember the Lost Cities of the Sun expedition that Mike Adams and I co-hosted last year. Our expedition brought together people from a bunch of different countries and continents. I have never met such a group of cool and interesting people in my whole life. I’m still in active contact with a number of them.

I received much more than I contributed with his group. Some of what I learned led me to some startling discoveries months afterward. I’ll be sharing a lot of this with you in coming months. The old “Stargate” investigation continues hotter than ever. The dust is just now settling from it all and I’m finally getting back to normal…kind of almost sort of.

But, actually...

I’m entering a new phase of my life now. I’ve changed the main page of my web site, Adventure-Trader.com to reflect some of this change. I also changed the name of this newsletter for good measure. I’m opening the doors for complete sharing of everything I know with you now. You ask and I’ll answer openly. Sometimes I’ll ask some stuff too.

I’m returning to more of a balance of pure adventure out in the field again. I’m anxious to get out of the office and back into action. I’ll be exploring, treasure hunting, gold prospecting, and womanizing (just kidding about that last one ;-) One of my major missions in life now is to help you do the same.

How can I help you? What do you need to know? What do you want to do? What are your goals? Let’s all get together in Our Forum. This is our big chance to share what works with each other. Just look at all the great action we have there already!

Our goal is for as many of us as possible, to achieve freedom, independence and an adventurous lifestyle. Let's get it all together before the latter half of 2012!

Please let me hear from you soon in Our Forum !

You’ll hear back from me soon too,