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Greetings from the Equator!

I’m back with more good stuff to share with you this week. How have you been? How was your week?

First off, I have been enlightened by a video expert/friend/subscriber that it was not the best move for me to have given you a Flash video format as a free download gift last week. Apparently, MP4 is a much better and more convenient format for downloaded videos. I apologize to you for that.

To make it up to you, I have a brand new, narrated, True Treasure Story for you to download this week (in MP4 – of course). It is entitled, Oak Island Treasure. This is one of the most interesting treasure stories of all time. The hiding of this treasure was done in such a sophisticated manner, it could only have been placed there by very advanced and intelligent people. I’d love to know who you think put it there and what the treasure might be. Please share your thoughts with us in Our Forum

Here is your Oak Island Treasure Story MP4 video zip download link...


Second, I have yet another free gift for you this week. This is an extremely rare e-copy of an old book called History of Coca, The Divine Plant of the Incas. It was published in 1901. It is 616 pages in length. This book is not for everyone, but for those interested in natural healing and medicinal plants, this is a real treasure.

I actually chew coca leaves when I am on a demanding hike or expedition. The effects are rather amazing and very healthy. This has nothing at all to do with cocaine, by the way. That is a whole different topic. If you care to know what I use to activate the coca leaves in my mouth, please ask me in Our Forum. I’ll be happy to share the details with you there.

Here is your History of Coca .pdf download link…

Please download this .pdf gift as soon as you can. It is a huge, 29 meg. download file and I’ll need to clean it out soon to make space for future gifts for you.


Third, I have something in the works for next week that I think you will like a lot. It will grow to become a full blown e-course. We’ll start off with the Introduction next week and then add to it each and every week thereafter.

This course will be specifically about how to earn a very comfortable income “while” you adventure your way around the world. I will reveal every detail and secret to you that I have learned while living this lifestyle for the past 20 years.

Further, I have an ongoing request of you. I want you to send me all of your questions and comments as we progress through this course. That way I can custom tailor the course to exactly suit your own specific needs. This will be live and dynamic! I only ask that you post your questions and comments in Our Forum


I have already begun preparations for our big expedition later this year. The first step that I am taking is to shed some of the extra pounds that I have accumulated over the last year or two. To begin with, I am consuming fewer and healthier calories. Next, I have begun a daily walk/jog program in a large park each morning near my home.

I’ll be adding even more elements to this fitness program soon. I’ll report my progress to you every step of the way. So far, I have lost 8 pounds. My goal is to lose a few more pounds before my next newsletter to you. In coming weeks, I’ll be filling you in more about the expedition itself. While I won’t be able to reveal some of the expedition details, I’ll tell you all about what is necessary to bring this kind of a project together. Then you’ll be able to repeat my general approach with any expeditions that you may wish to organize for yourself.


Lastly, I want to plant a "little seed" with you today. As you may know, I co-hosted a great, “Lost Cities of the Sun” expedition last year around the Quito area. A great time was had by all. This will be a highlight memory for the rest of my life. I met the coolest people.

As you may imagine, I have dozens of other little-known or unknown sites and locations that I would love to share with more people. These sites have to do with gold, treasure and ancient mysteries. Here is the seed...

Would you like to organize a small group of adventurers to come to Ecuador and go exploring? We could organize a custom-made expedition for a small group of adventurers. This expedition could be easy, intermediate or difficult. You could get a free trip out of it. Or, if you would like to organize multiple expeditions, you could even make a comfortable, full-time living from it.

Please think about it.


Ok, this is a wrap for this week. I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you soon...